RPPR Episode 16: Help Me To Help You

While most of our shows so far have focused on running a great game, we thought we would give some advice for the other side of the GM Screen. In other words, the players. Of course, we talk about D&D 4th Edition, the death of Erick Wujcik, recent games we played, Raillery, my awesome new comedy video podcast and more. Tom was too lazy to write a letter, so instead we review The Happening and Machine Girl and tell a few anecdotes. I have a brand spanking new anecdote from playing D&D 4E and listener Eternal Green sent in a few. Don’t forget to check out our new forums!

Shout Outs:

  • Colonial Gothic: A new horror RPG set in colonial America. Great research into the period and it’s a fresh idea for a horror setting. The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, anyone?
  • Let’s Play: An archive of playthroughs of video games, both old and new. This video from the Darkseed 2 is all you need to understand how great this is.
  • Iron Age Sourcebook for Mutants and Masterminds: In the 80s and 90s, superheroes fought crime to the MAXX and by Maxx I meant that they murdered their enemies. It was pretty cool although Rob Liefield can’t draw a human body worth a shit.

Hosted by Ross Payton and Tom Church
Music: A new song from Vitamins and Minerals of Death that I will use in the next Raillery video.

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  1. Hello, guys! Great show you got here: every episode just makes my unconditional love for RPGs grow bigger and bigger. The awesomeness of this podcast just blows me away, I can’t stop downloading it or praising it!

    But, ass-kissing aside, I’m here because I wanna tell you guys about a little story that happended to my AD&D Forgotten Realms Group.

    Firstly, yes: we are CURRENTLY playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, using the 1980’s supplements for FR and what not. Apparently, our DM despises everything that bears the 3.5 logo upon it, and we don’t have another group to game with, so…

    Did someone shout “Fuck THAC0”?

    Anyway, our group has seven players (well, had: now we’re divided into two parties) and we were on some city, probably Highmoon. We were being chased by a Nightmare-riding Lich Wizard (he’s on the Villains’ Lorebook: Zrie Prakis), and he found us there. So, it was the big confrotation scene: the skies went dark, it began to rain, and, soon, a storm had been formed: it was the DMs’ time to kill someones’ PC.

    Mind you, we didn’t had that many levels: most of us were 5th or 6th, I think (and it IS AD&D). We didn’t had any magic items; our wizards (the two of them) didn’t had more than five spells on the grimoire each; our THAC0s sucked; we only had one cleric; and this guy was a 16th level nightmare-rider-finger-of-death-using wizard holding a Staff of Wizardry. We were going to get our asses ripped off our butts and fed to us by the hand of this stinking, rotting undead NPC.

    Or so the DM thought.

    As any player in any game ever played, we manage to fuck up the plans of the DM. =). The druid of the group got ready to cast Call Lightining. That little spell takes, as we all know, some 10 rounds to cast, and it deals a shit load of damage. So, all we had to do was survive for ten rounds until a bolt of lightining could come rushing down the skies and fuck this fucker in his putrid, pus-infested ass. And so we did. The DM, noticing, too late, the dramatic situation of his precious NPC, tried to get him out of there. So we lightning-bolted his sorry ass one more time.

    By then, his HP was, like, 10 or something, and OF COURSE we wouldn’t let that sweet, sweet bag of XP run away (again, it IS AD&D, and we all know you need like 1 million experience points to get to the next level). So we proceeded to kill his horse, we used silence, we disarmed him: we made everything so the DM understood that we weren’t going to let him get away. And so we did.

    With the body dead (the filactery wasn’t with him) it was that beloved time we all crave and viciously wait for: yes, it time to loot the bodies! However, the DM was so pissed at us that he let us have only the NPCs’ travelling grimoire. “The real grimoire is hidden somewhere else. You don’t know where”. We also got the staff, but he put a curse on it. Then, of course, we were just happy to blow shit up and get that defeated look from the DMs’ false. He couldn’t even look at us. “Yeah, ok, you guys get the stuff and head back to town, whatever.” Fun times.

    So, this is one of my group’s story. I didn’t want to write so much, but I hope you guys liked it. And, once again, great fucking kick-ass show.

    ‘Til next time.

  2. Its Romero, not Green! …stupid hotmail. Anyway, good… no, great show as usual. Upload that gentleman game already!

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