RPPR Episode 21: So You Want to Create a Campaign

Most games start as an idea in the GM’s head. However, it takes some work to go from idea to having a full campaign ready to run. Tom and I discuss the process of creating a campaign and our experiences in creating and running them. If you want to make a game that lasts more than a few sessions, you should give our advice a try. Plus, a very personal letter from Tom, in which he admits that he’s a cheating bastard, shout outs and new anecdotes!

Shout Outs:

  • Day by Day Armageddon: If you write a zombie apocalypse novel do NOT do what this novel did. It’s just terrible. So very very terrible.
  • Mutant Chronicles: A movie based on the RPG, Mutant Chronicles. And it’s so horrible that words can’t adequately describe how horrible it is.
  • Bigger Faster Stronger: A documentary about power gamers in real life, steroid users. An excellent look into the mindset of the athletes and gym rats who use it and the culture that condones winning at all costs.
  • House of Leaves: This is a crazy book. I’m not done with it but it is worth reading.

Music: Write My Story by Air 5.
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  1. Good episode. I laughed my ass off during Tom’s letter. Gave me some idea for a campaign of my own too. Too bad I forgot all about ’em by now.

  2. Good episode. I liked Toms’ anecdote, especially the part where the car gets on two wheels and the rocket flies under it. Remind me of the last Die Hard that came out. Awesome.

    Also, hearing you guys talk about character driven campaigns made me think of Dog In The Vineyard. Have you guys heard of/played it? It’s seems like a really cool, original, simple system with setting. It’s and indie RPG, won same prize. It’s a western: you’re a wanderer preaching the word of God and punishing those beyond salvation.

    Here’s the site: http://www.lumpley.com/games/dogsources.html

    Cya on the next ep, guys. \o

  3. Finished ‘House of Leaves’ yet? If so, how was it?

  4. Author

    Nope. Got sidetracked by another excellent book, Off the Books. It’s about underground economies in the ghetto.

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