Actual Play: GURPS Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Episode 2

Synopsis: Three heroes must save a village and its hidden treasure from a horde of maurading mercenaries. The heroes are mistmatched characters from comics, tv and film while the bad guys are a rogue’s gallery of villains from all over popular culture. Oh and the village is Mayberry. No, you’re not hallucinating after a night of cable tv and Mexican food. It’s the second game of GURPS Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This gets a bit over the top but everyone had a blast.


Jason as Dean Winchester
Tom as the Lizard from Marvel Comics
Aaron as a former ghostbuster

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  1. This episode took me back to summer days, long ago, where I’d get out EVERYTHING and create some sort of (in)coherent conflict. G.I. Joe and the Autobots against Cobra, some Decepticons, and some Lego space guys (for some reason). Hilarious.

  2. Who was the red-headed chick who ran off with the two spears? That was the only reference I didn’t get.

  3. Man, this took a completely different turn than I originally expected. It’s great game session all in all. Good job with your impressions 🙂

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