RPPR Episode 33: Sightseeing Tours

Taking a tour in an established setting like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings can be a highlight of your gaming experience or the vacation from hell. Crossing lightsabers with Vader, flying with the crew of the Serenity or taking down a Terminator with pipe bombs and Mack trucks is the stuff of gaming legend. But on the other hand, being smacked down by Drizzt, begging Elminister for help or watching Harry Potter save the day (again) is slightly worse than being dragged naked across broken glass. We discuss how to run fun games with established settings, including settings that lack published gaming sourcebooks. Plus, a new letter from Tom, a listener anecdotes and a new segment-The World of Synnibar Character Creation Spotlight!

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Music: Tourist Trap by the White Rabbits

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    1. so how does the system justify epilepsy as a mutation (that you would want)? I have this strange feeling that there is a chance you roll up a mutant with all disorders and disabilities.

    2. Author

      It doesn’t try to justify it. It is a disadvantage. However, the only bad mutations are minor mutations it seems. All characters have a chance of getting some mutations regardless of their class so the bad ones are in there for them. Horray for random chargen!

    3. Such. Bad. Music. Otherwise a good episode. I’ve had canon characters horribly horribly inflicted upon me in my Star Wars game. We’ve had Vader, Starkiller from Force Unleashed, Han, Chewie, Lando, Jabba, and others show up. Often to be awesome and do cool stuff while we watch on.

    4. Author

      how i get music for the show: I do a search on the podsafe music network for songs that have a keyword used in the episode like tour. I am not that particular about anything else.

    5. I’m watching these “Freeman’s Mind” videos and it occurs to me that they don’t really look legal. That is, they are basically doing MST3K without getting the rights from the copyright holders of the films or using public domain materials, as MST3K were careful to do. This guy is showing all of the content Valve created without permission, as far as I can tell. It’s kinda funny, but seems like he’s stretched fair use past its limits.

    6. That said, I doubt Valve will seek to have the videos removed, because

      a) Half-Life came out a long time ago, so even though these videos show the entire scripted events of the game, they aren’t going to be much of a surprise to anyone at this point.

      b) their business model relies on obsessive fanboy goodwill and they don’t want to unleash a storm of tantrums by entitled fanboys who had their YouTube lols taken away.

    7. Author

      Machinma.com has a deal with valve for these kind of things I think. It gets funnier in later episodes.

    8. Personally, I like the idea of a mutant with the godlike ability to rearrange and transmute matter and epilepsy. What happens if he has a seizure while employing his “psionic spray” (eeesshh whatever that is)???

    9. It isn’t true. I like Tom better than Ross.

      People who are worst than me always make me feel better about myself. Thankyou.

    10. I meant to mention this last night, if you ever want live music for the show, I would be happy to perform on my guitar.

    11. Good show.

      I’ve started a DnD game with “And your falling” once. Paragon 4E one shot humor game. Amazingly fun.

      Tom has some sort of amazing talent for coming up with game ideas that I think are totally awesome. Good luck with the Transformers game.

    12. So in other words, Grignor can turn a star destroyer’s warp drive into cotton candy on a molecular level. However, we can see a firsthand example of Grignor on his first adventure here:


    13. I like Tom wayyyy more than Ross. Wanna know why? No announcer voice.

    14. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I’m sick with desperation for some Pinchie!!! I lovez me some giant lobster creature. Ross, will Pinchie make an appearance in the live play you have planned for our intrepid RPPR roleplayer’s first foray into the magic that is the world of Synnibarr?

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