RPPR Episode 51: Info Dump

Synopsis: In fiction, revealing too much information right away is a sign of bad storytelling. In role playing games, it’s often essential for a good session. Game masters have to realize that what they think the players should know is often not enough for the players to actually understand what’s going on. We discuss the importance of information and how to make sure that everyone know what’s going on. Tom has a letter and we have shout outs and an anecdote.

Shout outs

Forum Shout outs

Music: The Information Age by Anthony Fiaumano

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  1. Great episode. I’ve been running games for 26 years and RPPR still helps my games get that much better.

  2. I smiled greastly at the shout-out to Poice Squad. 🙂

  3. Any chance of getting this year’s GenCon Adam Scott Glancy game in the AP’s soon?

  4. The episodes just keep getting better and better.

    I feel like Tom and Ross have really hit their stride. The last few episodes have been very high quality and thinking back on some of the earlier efforts I’m very impressed with how far you guys have come in such a short time. The both of you are one step closer to being “internet famous”!

    I wish I felt better about participating more on the forums, but sometimes I feel like many of the posts on the forums are inside jokes between the hardcore RPPR “fanboys”, moderators and RPPR members and sometimes I feel a bit self conscious about interjecting my opinions/bullshit.

    The advice in this episode was really helpful because lately I’ve struggled with how I want to run this Deadlands scenario I’m currently writing. Ross, your advice about thinking from the player’s persepective is great, because the creative processes involved in writing a scenario can blind a GM to the creative processes involved in playing that scenario and the resolving the conflicts therein. Often, what I think is “cool” as writer and GM, may seem vague or uncertain to my players. What I took away from your advice is that game mastering is an acquired skill and takes practice.

    Anyway, great episode fellas.

    Loved your letter Tom. Keep up with the bile and vitriol.

    Can’t wait for the next installment…

    P.S. Tom, it’s funny that your mentioned Leslie Nielson… On second thought, is it funny or.. a… coincidence??!!

  5. You guys need a third person. And you need to edit the show. I like the content but the rambling and stammering are aggravating.

  6. Did I really just hear Ross say “That’s you that is” quoting History Today? You are in danger of proving that Americans are aware of countries and cultures other than your own. Beware!


    P.S. Don’t listen to Micah. The format is great and I always enjoy the show.

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