RPPR Episode 71: You’ve got Wild Talents

The Heretic Cycle: Hunted News: I’ve published the first part of my new fantasy serial, The Heretic Cycle. Follow the saga of an immortal villain in a world of dark magic and corrupt mortals! Available on Amazon (for Kindle) and on Smashwords (for all other ebook formats).

Killsplosion: First Edition is out! The ransom model player vs player RPG you supported is now available as a free PDF download here. More content will be coming this year.

I was a guest on the Drunk and Ugly podcast to answer some questions on game design.

Synopsis: Wild Talents is a great One Roll Engine superhero RPG developed by Greg Stolze and we give the game a deep analysis in this episode. Tom and I discuss our experiences with it. Tom compares it to Mutants and Masterminds and learning the system.

I also interviewed the game’s designer, Greg Stolze, about Wild Talents; its origins, running and playing it and the Progenitor setting. We also talk about his fiction and latest ransom projects.Be sure to look at Greg’s fiction and his new ransom project, a short story called Falling.

Tom has a letter, and we have shout outs and an anecdote.

Shout Outs

  • Brick: Great and unique neo-noir film. A must see.
  • The Killing: Kubrick’s first film and a film noir classic.
  • Liminal States: An upcoming sci-fi novel spanning three eras, 1874, 1951 and 2006.
  • Rebuild 2: A new flash zombie apocalypse strategy game.
  • Titanic Adventures Out of Time: An adventure game with some unusual narrative choices.
  • Claybourne: A free sci-fi radio drama from New Zealand. Great production values.

Music: Liminal States Soundtrack from Conelrad.

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  1. Great episode!

    Love the interview with Senior Stolze! And I’m thinking about buying Ross’s new book.

  2. Is that like a street shark?

    Loved this episode.

    I’ve been waiting for this! Glad to see you were able to get Stolze involved, I hope to start my own Wild Talents game soon, i’m just teaching the game to my players, this episode was helpful in the regard.

  3. Good show.
    What system is next?

  4. The Killing is a great little noir, although the narration gets more grating every time I watch it. I can just imagine how much the studio interference bugged Kubrick. Did you happen to notice the similarities in the mask Hayden wears and the ones worn by the Joker’s gang at the top of The Dark Knight?

    I’m a fan of film noir myself and watched Rififi a while back based on your shout out. Thanks for that, and I’d like to return the favor with a few recommendation of my own that you might have missed and may appreciate: Night and the City (also by Rififi director Jules Dassin), Kiss of Death, Out of the Past, Le Cercle Rouge (or anything by Melville), Laura, and Odd Man Out.

  5. Author

    The next episode will be about the World of Darkness.

  6. I am not sure that youall gave MnM its proper credit. Th 3 edition is incredibly flexable. It plays streetlevel as well as cosmic. It deals with the “mind reader ” delema really well. It is the base for DC comics RPG and it has every DC superhero in use, the forms also have fans converting every marvel hero. A player can make an hero with any power. I’m not sure Wild Talents messures in flexability. I’ve read the game but have not played it. Wild Talents sounds great for low power but it appears like it would have difficulties with higher power games. To each his own.

  7. Great episode! This was the first RPPR episode I’ve listened to, and over the course of the last week or so I’ve been working my way backwards. I actually went on RPGNow.com and bought Wild Talents and look forward to running it with my game group.

    I’m loving your shows! Keep up the great work!

  8. Thanks for all the Wild Talents coverage, as someone who has only really had the opportunity to play DnD but has been craving for more your actual plays and discussion regarding Wild Talents really piqued my interest. I bought the Wild Talents Essentials edition on a recent visit to the games shop. I’m currently introducing a group of RP newbies to the hobby via DnD but I am planting the seed of interspersing Wild Talents 1-shots once they get more advanced at creating non-stat driven character concepts.

    In the interview Greg talks about a sandbox Progenitor campaign that he ran; By coincidence I found his write-up of those sessions on RPGNet forums (PROGENITOR: Fourth Tier, Last Chance), its an interesting read.

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