RPPR Episode 55: One for the Recordbooks

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Synopsis: Every once in a while in a campaign, you need to shake things up with a big event – an epic boss fight or jaw dropping action scene that ties up a campaign or story arc. Of course, in order to make things memorable, you need to up your game as a GM. But how do you go above and beyond? Tom and I discuss ways to psyche the players up, prep for a big event and run it. Plus Tom has a letter, shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout outs

Music: My Skateboard will go on by Anamanaguchi

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  2. Mini AP bundle ransoms is a great idea. You could do convention budles or system bundles.

  3. Hah. Enjoyed the anecdote from the RIFTS game and the letter. This episode has me thinking of an explosive ending to Masks with a Zeppelin. YAY RPPR!

  4. Another great episode guys.

    I can’t believe that I’ve been listening to your two for this long…

    I enjoyed the descriptions of St. Louis, thanks to you guys I have now scrapped my plans to attend FTC V.

    Haha, naw, I figured it would be my best chance to game with Ross and Tom in a more relaxed atmosphere. Besides, the beer there sounded excellent!

  5. So I finished the masks game, there was indeed an exploding zeppelin, didn’t make it the centerpiece of the climax. Game-play ended with each player making one last desperate action before tpk and then a flash forward to the fallout of their thwarting the ritual and whatnot. Everyone liked that each player got their own sort of spotlight at the end.

    Thanks for the great advice guys!

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