Interview with Jim McGarva on Strike the RPG Kickstarter

strike-rpgStrike! is a new RPG Kickstarter that simplifies tactical combat from 4E Dungeons and Dragons with new game mechanics and genre mixing. Tom interviewed the game’s designer, Jim McGarva, to explain what Strike! is all about and what people will get from Kickstarting it. This is a shorter interview, but if you’ve been curious about Strike! check this interview out.

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  1. I quite liked having this short bit to listen to. Can we expect more of these interviews? Also, many podcasts do mini recordings for immediate reactions to breaking news. It is always fun when Ross posts a preview of an anecdote on the Facebook group; have you ever thought of doing mini episodes specifically for an anecdote/new product/etc.? It might help us selfish bastards stay happy waiting for the main podcast episodes.

    Also, Strike! looks like a lot of fun. Totes backed dat.

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