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kaGh5_patreon_name_and_messageRole Playing Public Radio is now on Patreon! Instead of just asking for contributions and keeping the status quo, we are going to up our game by creating a brand new podcast series for our patrons. RPPR After Hours is a comedic roundtable where we talk about pop culture and obscure tabletop gaming products. To give you a taste, I’ve added part 1 of our first episode to the main podcast feed. We talk about Death Valley Free Prison, a vintage 1980s rpg supplement if there ever was one, the Oscars, and Destiny, the video game.If you enjoy it, you should become a backer in order to hear the rest of the episode.

Please note that we will continue to release the main podcast and AP episodes for FREE for the foreseeable future. Only bonus content created exclusively for Patreon will be locked behind the paywall.

If you donated to RPPR via Paypal in the last year, please email rpprpodcast at gmail to get credit on Patreon.

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  1. While Patreon is a cool idea, I just hope that you keep your RPPR episode releases coming, because I can’t make a big monetary investment yet I’m a big fan of your stuff. It may sound like I am being insensitive, but I have seen more than one content creator turn to Patreon as a paywall to access content.

    Anyways. I’ll have to put in my $2 a month. You guys are definitely worth it.

  2. Author

    RPPR also gets money from Kickstarter projects and B-Sides, so we’re not dependent on it. Again, I will not enclose previously free material to require payment. I might even release patreon material for free after a period of time, like a year after release.

  3. being low-wage but also low-expense, I have a large amount of small amounts of money to spend, and on a dollars per hour basis I’ve probably given RPPR about a nickel down the years. I’m happy to patriate.

    as a PC master racer and a since-I-was-seven-and-Ultima-hit MMOer and a narrative-needer, I was deeply disappointed to learn that the Destiny that may some day be mine was so weak verbally and storyally. this indictment was probably the clincher. I’d been waiting for a great FPSMMO, and this just didn’t fly. PC MMOers who are into Mythos-style horror should check out The Secret World; the gameplay can be a little hard to get into, but it’s far and away the best writing in MMO airspace, and probably the best writing in any video game ever, and I say that as a lifelong student of games with dialogue worth hearing. it beats Bloodlines handily.

    I also recently came back to Warcraft after a break since Lich King. add me, David (or whoever else reads this), I’ve got high-level characters of both factions, but mostly a 646 7/7 Normal Highmaul Prot warrior I don’t know what to do with and am always happy to run the less fortunate through shit. crawlkill#1963

  4. My money, you take?

  5. Your online game is getting bigger and bigger looking at the patreon stats

  6. I hope the intro music meets Caleb’s exacting standards.

  7. I gotta say, the DVFP sounds like it might well be worth buying just for the maps.

  8. It’s…really not.

    Do you want a map to navigate the closet of the Mercenary stronghold on the mesa? Because they have that. You will know the longitude and latitude of where every coat shall hang. IMMERSION!

  9. Step 1: We pay $10 a month. Step 2: … Step 3: Get to play online with the crew? What is step 2?

  10. I have a new thing on the wish list. RPPR one shot of blue rose….

  11. I was wondering what to do with all the money I was saving by not smoking a pack of cigarettes every two days. Thanks Ross.

    Also, I thought about buying Destiny and trying to play with Caleb at his last mention of the game. It looked cool. No offense Caleb, I’m glad I didn’t. I have to addictive of a personality. I don’t think my marriage could stand the level of commitment that one has to put forth to play. Child protective services might be called in to rescue my daughter from her neglectful Destiny-playing father.

  12. Fridrik, that is really wild. I’d never heard of that before. Cool. So, it’s basically like naturally-occurring fiberglass.

  13. Ethan C.
    Yeb. It’s naturally occurring fiberglass.

  14. It might just be a by-product of watching so much star-wars as a kid, but the weird “fantasy meets sci-fi” aesthetic works really well for me. To be fair, I haven’t played Destiny, and the fact that it is not the new Halo (as was long foretold!) is a bummer, but to me, shit like “complete this lengthy ritual to imbue your space assault-rife with the spirit of your fallen enemies” is amazing, and I love it.

  15. Ten bucks a month to support a podcast that I love and have enjoyed for well-nigh five years now??!! YES! Take my money Ross.

    I would strongly encourage anybody that enjoys what Ross & the RPPR Crew do on a regular basis to consider tossing a few bucks a month their way. I know that hosting can get expensive and I imagine that all of the traffic to RPPR’s website (stop all the downloadin’!!! No wait, don’t stop all the downloadin’!) can get pretty pricey.

    I’m pretty sure that I don’t need to remind anybody who takes the time to read the comments section that the continued existence of RPPR is pretty awesome, especially in light of all the AP podcasts that flame-out after a few years.

    Don’t think about it, just f&*#ing do it. Support RPPR! Now!

  16. What is that “Ballslapping”, “fun-porn” funk music in the intro. I really want to use it as a ringtone.

  17. Bow-Chika-Wow-wow.

    Speaking of Crazy White People and Tyler Perry I was expecting you to mention Gone Girl. Ros Pike is now “Second Morph” Bartleby in my head.

    If my previous comments haven’t made it clear I am ready to Patreonize RPPR.

    Destiny is a hell of a thing Unfortunately I made the mistake of getting it for the 360.

  18. Just remembered You’d already talked about Gone Girl my bad.

  19. Destiny is one of those games where you play for four hours, have a blast doing it, decided to stop for a while, turn the console off, and go “What the fuck was I actually doing?”.

    Also, Caleb is half-right, apparently Bungie wanted to do a fantasy game as their next big IP, but after a long history of titles like Marathon and Halo, couldn’t quite make a clean break so they decided to rebuild Planetary Romance and Science Fantasy as a genre a little (which works for me). Though I’m pretty sure somebody at the upper level (Publisher maybe, that’d be Activision, IIRC) pushed Destiny a little hard, which may be why they don’t have in-game codex technology, and why they only have the one origin story (Human) when Exo and Awoken were supposed to also get their own. (Fun fact, the Awoken are supposed to be humans who were tainted by the Darkness since they lived so far out from Earth, and any Awoken who can wield the Traveller’s Light are kicked out of the Reef, which is probably why the Queen is such a bitch to all Guardians). But another point, because even with the background of Destiny being terribly told, the opening scene makes it pretty clear that The Darkness is a singular (ish) entity who is your typical unknowable eldritch horror who kicked the Traveller’s teeth in (because the Darkness is an asshole like that). It’s juju feeds the Hive and maybe the Vex somehow, because they both worship the Darkness, while the Fallen and the Cabal are just jerkwad species trying to steal humanity’s Golden Age scraps.

  20. Just to make things even weirder the Vex are supposed to be from an entirely different continuity.

    I always thought Destiny was the way it is because Bungie wasn’t able to make the Halo MMO they wanted.

  21. Oh, no, the Vex are really freaky. The Vault of Glass Raid involves you basically going into their weapon design plant, where they’re building ontological weaponry to erase things from time or decide what does and does not exist, and if you lose “You are lost to the dark corners of time”. The big boss Atheon supposedly exists in multiple timelines and even if you beat him he just goes to a new one where you didn’t. But this is Destiny so you get to punch their faces in with space magic fists.

    Guardians make their own fate.

  22. Congrats on meeting all your posted goals! Don’t spend it all on Surge and fudge! Or actually, do.

  23. listening to the preview, there was no way I couldn’t follow up. excellent teaser, and if it keeps up the same level of hilarious lack of shits given, gladly staying a donor for this bonus content. RPPR’s introduced me to a lot of new games and concepts for them, but the banter is always a highlight, and the near MST3K treatment of old games sounds like easy gold for the group

    it’s a promising enough concept, but a killer preview sold it twice over
    “Clint Eastwood is 80 years old. He doesn’t do reshoots because he could die before this movie’s finished.”
    “This toothbrush shiv was folded over 1000 times, far superior to your gaijin shivs!”

    and a harmless vision of more greatness from Part 2:
    “Barok Urik VonKharkov started his life as a panther…”

  24. It’s like I’m back in Missouri… watching Ross drive Caleb mad through exposure to 80s & 90s RPGs.

  25. @Thaddeus

    I’m so, so sorry. I mean, we miss hanging out with you a lot. But back in the Ozarks Mountain Free Prison? A fate worse than death.

  26. Re-relistening to Know Evil, I as a humble fan of the show too miss your presence in the rppr group Thad.

  27. @Caleb

    “Ozarks Mountain Free Prison” Is that gonna be the first Red Markets campaign/sourcebook expansion?

  28. @caleb

    For a better skinnerbox experience…

    May I recommend: Monster Hunter 🙂

  29. Great episode & definitely sold me on this corner of RPPR. Interstellar is a more thoughtful sci-fi film & while I ignore the oscars, the robots they put in Interstellar are a treat to see & hear so if nothing else check it out & rent it for them as it’s more imaginative than most movies out now.

    Game/book reviews by anyone off RPPR is just hilarious & enlightening.

  30. I thought I’d come back listen to this almost a year on. And as a side effect I’m reading the comments. There is some mention of Blue Rose here, and MAAAAANNNN I am so hype for that game. I backed the shit out of it on KS.

    The AfterHours stuff has been great! ever one contributes such hilarious stuff. By far the best part about backing though are the online games. I’ve mostly had Aaron as GM and he is pretty freak’n good.

    If you’re not backing RPPR on patreon, it is so worth it!

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