Interview with Monte Cook on Invisible Sun

invisiblesunI recently interviewed Monte Cook about his latest Kickstarter, an ambitious deluxe fantasy RPG called Invisible Sun. It is still under development but promises “A game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table–and away from it.” Curious about its game mechanics and features, I talked to Monte for an hour about how the game came to be, how it plays, and what comes with the game.

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  1. Listening to this drives home how sharp Ross is, specifically around game design. Good interview.

  2. Good interview. While the premium package is a bit expensive for me, it was interesting to hear about the mechanics designed explicitly to give introverts more impact on the overall narrative. It touches on things that I think more experienced GMs learn to do, but having more discussion about different types of fun is generally productive.

    I’d thought about that introvert/extrovert split before and I think Gumshoe handles it in a more implicit fashion. If you have one player who keeps quiet (and hoards their General points) for most of the game, they have a nice pool to spend on one or two awesome things at the end of the session.

    The ARG angle of Invisible Suns is also really cool, though thinking of the resources to handle that and a kickstarter with so many print runs and components makes my head spin.

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