RPPR Episode 132: Gen Con 2016 Wrap Up

gencon2016We are back from Gen Con, bearing many stories and more importantly, loot! Because so many of us went to Gen Con, this double length episode features 3 round table discussions. Learn about True Dungeon, new games, crafting workshops, meetups, and more!

Shout Outs

  • True Dungeon: Not quite LARPing, definitely not tabletop dungeon crawling.
  • Bloodborne Card Game: Based on the video game – a semi-cooperative/competitive monster hunting game.
  • God Hates Charades: It’s like charades but with filthy minded cards.
  • Red Dragon Inn: A game about fantasy adventurers out drinking each other at a tavern.
  • Escape the Booth: An escape room and tabletop game
  • Battle of Hogwarts: Not out yet, but sounds quite fun for all Harry Potter fans.
  • Konflikt 47: A weird World War 2 skirmish game based on the Bolt Action system from Warlord Games.
  • Dragonstone Mine:A Kickstarted board game that looks like fun.
  • Dominion: Empires: A new expansion for Dominions that offers new mechanics and more advanced gameplay.

Music: Overflow by HOME

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  1. Really entertaining recap, reminds me again of just how much I miss every year without knowing it. Special thanks to Shaun for the White Wolf advice and David for being an outstanding human being – I personally am not a joiner when it comes to shared interests due to my own personal issues, and you, Jen, George, Aaron, Adam, Laura, and pretty much everyone else in the RPPR crowd made it much easier than I ever expected. Thanks again so much.

    And thanks again, Ross, (and the rest of the RPPR family) for all you’ve done. Your podcasts has livened up a lot of boring shifts at work. Hopefully you’ll continue to do it for a long long time to come.

  2. “Warlord Games needs press”? Well, you can tell you guys haven’t read any mini’s gaming blogs in this decade.

  3. I feel you on that anxiety, david. I get that alot too. Next year im making it my number one priority to play more games with you guys and not just creepily hangout a bit before i flee.

  4. You could just give Twitch streamers their own Ennie to fight over. Or just AP Video category I guess.

    More as I listen to the episode.

  5. “… Chatted her up, got hard…”
    -Tom Church, 2016

  6. You all (I mean the whole fan base too) make it worth the 16 hour drive to get there. Being surrounded by all you awesome nerds helps me forget any anxiety or nervousness I might have and you all make the whole event so much fun. I’ve made so many amazing new friends because of you guys.
    I’ll bring more “hosting supplies” next year too. Staying up all night was totally a blast and we should do it again next year, with better pacing 🙂 . Channel A will always be part of our arsenal for the trip too, it’s been such a big hit every year.
    Thanks again for letting us play in your game Tom. “We were not briefed” -2016

  7. Glad to hear everyone had a ton of fun. And as I’ve yet to get to GenCon, nice to hear more on the super dungeon event to see what that’s all about. Still sounds fun!

    *If serious about Red Dragon Inn, get #5 as it has storage for it all. Otherwise get any of them or if wanting something different, #4 has a pirate ship with more different things than just the inn. All the #1-5 sets work great alone but #4 is the one with the different optional theme. Side characters have some variant rules but all are easy & fun to pick up. Very fun game!

    *Yeah!! Not the only fan of Dominion out there in RPPR. Also like the tarot, a great way of beating writers block with a fun game also. Random a few cards & see if you like the story/scenario direction. If someone is just getting into it & wants more than the base game, can’t go wrong with the following: Intrigue, Seaside, Prosperity, maybe after that Adventure (lots of comparison on boardgamegeek on the strength/weakness of the cards in all the expansions).

    *And happy yet scared to hear the other RPGs that Ross has found to run to experience that system & most likely sell me on many systems. Beat ya to it Ross, Metamorphosis Alpha from Signal Fire Studios (a generation ship gone amok with mutant people/animals & super easy narration system with the new version close to Powered by the Apocalypse so you can put players in a variety of sci-fi bio-domes of different societies) so adding that to your list before you add a ton to my list :P.

    Plus nicely done work to Ross to break this up in separate recordings with many more people than just going for a one session recording to get all the goodness/thoughts of GenCon this year.

  8. Tom, I hope you have a blast with MYZ, there’s plenty in there to abuse the hell out of a group of players with and the random threat and other tables make the game an amazing experience to run ‘off the cuff’.

  9. You missed a chance to refer to the Hitler card for charades as “Godwin tier”!

  10. I agree with Darren T. Red Dragon Inn is a pretty good game. I wouldn’t go as far as buy all the expansions ,but the BIG box 5 is just for that ,but then who knew laminated paper weights so much.

    Glad to see everyone had a fun time at GenCon. I just get to have GenCan’t…at my home.

  11. It’d be lovely if you guys could post links to the games you reference (that were recorded, of course) to make it easier for us to track them down.

  12. Also, I will go to Patreon RIGHT NOW and become a patron if Ross posts his complete queue of one-shots he plans to run.

  13. Author

    The Wounded: http://actualplay.roleplayingpublicradio.com/2016/08/systems/call-of-cthulhu/call-of-cthulhu-the-wounded/

    Operation Fulminate: http://theunspeakableoath.com/home/2016/08/unspeakable-actual-play-episode-15-operation-fulminate/

    Other Gen Con content for Patreon backers (Early Access): https://www.patreon.com/posts/early-access-gen-6539868

    Bonus Horror of War scenarios: https://www.patreon.com/posts/bonus-actual-of-6526581

    I think that’s all of them. Please let me know if I am missing any.

    My queue of games I have not yet run but want to – in no particular order

    Magical Fury (actually just ran this on Friday)
    Only War
    Spirit of 77
    The Sprawl
    Mutant Year Zero
    Breakfast Cult

  14. Listening to these always emphasizes how much variety there is in the GenCon schedule. I never would have thought to look up Copic marker seminars, but know I now they are also an option.

    This was my second year attending the RPPR meet-up and it was a blast, such a chill and welcoming crowd. I got to chat about game mechanics for heist games for a good while and drink some beer and it was fantastic.

    I can’t wait for RPPR playing Hillfolk, though I’m looking forward to just about everything on the list.

  15. Well, I said I’d back, and I did. And wow, I thought my RPG knowledge was encyclopedic, but I haven’t heard of ANY of those systems. (Other than Only War, and the prospect of Ross running that has me giddy. Have you heard about the All Guardsmen Campaign?)

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