How To Roll Winning Numbers at Gen Con 2016

gamescience Learn simple things every player can do to get better dice role outcomes. Why do dice do what they do? Identify those features and what you can do to exploit them to your advantage, without cheating! This panel was hosted by industry legend Louis Zocchi at Gen Con 2016. Check out Gamescience’s site if you want some of their fine products.

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  1. Thanks for recording this session. Lots of interesting stories. I have some different sets of dice with different degrees of rounded edges. I’ve always preferred the sharper edges, since rounded dice are more likely to roll wildly and fly off the table (with the exception of d4s which don’t really roll anyway). I’d like to get my hands on some of those more unusually-shaped ones, like that 24-sider he describes and that unusually-shaped 5-sider. The 14-sider for the days of the week seems useful, too.

  2. I really enjoyed this but the title *is* a bit of a bait and switch: there’s not many tricks for rolling winning numbers.

    That said, “A History of Dice-Making for RPGs and nonstandard dice with Lou Zocchi” is pretty fascinating in its own right.

  3. I didn’t expect an hour+ of an old guy rambling about weird dice to so entertaining.

  4. I almost couldn’t make it through due to “dice” used instead of “die.”

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