Patreon for Creators at Gen Con 2016

patreonPatreon is a popular crowdfunding website that allows creators to earn money from their supporters and fans on a regular cycle. This gives creators new opportunities and new challenges. Ross Payton from Role Playing Public Radio, Faust Kells from The Third Wheel, and Matt Campen from the Drunk and Ugly podcast all have experience using Patreon discuss it at Gen Con. Be sure to check out our websites to learn more: Role Playing Public Radio, The Third Wheel  and the Drunk and Ugly.

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  1. So Laura. Start a Patreon for Technical Difficulties…

  2. Towards the end you chat about hosting, I’ve been having good results with Soundcloud. I’ve also noted a lot of Traditional Media backed podcast are hosting on there as well. ALSO: NASA uploads to there which is cool.

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