News: I’ve redesigned Raillery as a Video Game Actual Play podcast/Youtube channel. Check out our new videos! In Base Raiders news, the Pariah ebook has been released to Kickstarter backers. It will be made available on Amazon and Smashwords in the near future for people that missed the Kickstarter.

RPPR is pleased to announce a Know Evil Fan Creation Contest! Between now and the end of the Know Evil Eclipse Phase campaign on RPPR Actual Play, any fan that submits a bit of fan art or fan fiction will be entered into a contest to win a Know Evil poster, signed by Caleb, Ross and other RPPR regulars!  Read this thread on the RPPR forums for more details.

Synopsis: Player character back stories and motivations are a tricky subject in RPGs. Meta gaming motivations or creating inappropriate or useless back stories an hinder a game.  Tom is out of town, so Caleb, Aaron, and I discuss our thoughts on player motivations vs PC motivations and back stories in general. We also have shout outs and Caleb shares a special anecdote about the ‘Fun Factory’.

Shout outs

  • The Phantom of Wilson Creek: A RPPR listener, Max Writer on our forums, published this monograph through Chaosium. Congratulations!
  • Synnibarr Kickstarter: Yes, I backed it. I am a horrible monster.
  • Danger Club: Watch out olds, the sidekicks are kicking ass and taking names. A good comic.
  • FATE Core Kickstarter: FATE is a neat RPG system and the Kickstarter for it offers crazy good rewards. Check it out!
  • Hellboy in Hell: Pretty much what you would expect.
  • Saga: An epic fantasy comic about a young couple, their baby, and some crazy fantasy bullshit. Read it. It’s great!
  • Neocolonialism: Kickstarter for a new video game about global economics. The tagline says it all – Ruin Everything.
  • Title Builder: From the Doug Benson podcast.
  • Wrath of the Lamb: DLC for the Binding of Isaac.
  • AMV Hell 6: Animu is funny with silly music.
  • Rifftrax shorts: Find out what is more dangerous than dynamite.

Music: Looking at Black Clouds by Serphonic

Donate to the RPPR Ransom, The Goblin Hulk, a 4E D&D Dungeon usable in any campaign!

Tom, Aaron and I discuss our plans for this year’s Gencon and RPPR’s third time there. But before we get into that, I discuss the werestorm, one of the more baffling features of the World of Synnibarr. Tom’s going to play in several games and I’m running 6 games for Arc Dreams. Even Aaron is going to play in a few games, including some fancy Battletech Pods. Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing might even let us playtest some new WW1 Call of Cthulhu scenarios.

Favorite Forum Threads:
Need a little help with an Item creation – neat items for any fantasy game
Anecdote: One-Upping Tom’s Gun-Rape story – it is quite horrific and not safe for work
GURPS combat explained – it makes GURPS combat sound fun!
Tom’s Call of Cthulhu WW2 actual play

Last of the Living: Zombies in New Zealand. Hell Yeah.
Ghostbusters the game.It’s fun, I guess?
Survival City: Cold War Archeology, nuclear bunkers, missile silos and all that cool atomic era architecture.
Blackest Night: I don’t even know.
Hell’s Highway: A documentary about highway safety films, the first ultraviolent gore films.
Dreamquest to Unknown Kadath the graphic novel: Lovecraft’s fantasy epic as a funnybook.
Maptools: This is the most awesome virtual tabletop ever and I will learn how to use it.

Music: The Geeks Come out At Night by Devo Spice

Conflict is the heart of drama, yet that doesn’t mean it’s always welcome in a role playing game, especially when it is between players. So when a debate becomes an argument or when tempers rise, what should you do? Tom and I discuss how to deal with various meta-player conflicts, as a GM and as a player. Instead of a letter, Tom reviews an animated movie The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.

The second New World Campaign Ransom is up! Check out the Fundable for The Goblin Hulk, a module suitable for level 1, 6 or 12 characters. New Monsters, templates and more.

No forum threads this time, because we both forgot. However, I did create a Synnibarr character for you to hear about, Tetsuo the Wereman Ninja! Oh and some anecdotes.


Music: Break it up by the Cyanide Pills