1001 uses for Zombies seminar at Gencon 2011

The Artifical ZombieAt Gencon 2011, I ran a seminar on how to use zombies in role playing games – not just as low level enemies to fight but as elements of drama. I also went into how to world build with zombies. They can be used in nearly any genre as enemies, obstacles or even unlikely allies. Enjoy! I’ve also included the two handouts I made for the seminar:

1001 uses for a zombie in role playing games

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  1. Nice lecture Ross. Even without the ‘buy my book!’ or announce voice, it was good.

  2. I enjoyed it, I had to relisten to several parts because I was at work and people kept talking to me but luckily it never got boring. Honestly that probably helped reinforce the concepts you were talking about.

    Any chance we can get a copy of that handout published to the forums or something?

  3. That must be what that underlined portion was all about…



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