Please Don’t Punch the GM: Adventures in Gaming Therapy at PAX South 2016

wheelhouseGames like Dungeons and Dragons are often regarded by pop culture as nerdy and antisocial, but Wheelhouse Workshop founders Adam Davis and Adam Johns use them to help their neurodiverse teen clients become more confident and socially capable. Come hear how these lifelong gamers used their training in counseling, drama therapy, and human development to embark on a new frontier in therapy, ask questions about your own gaming experience, and celebrate how the games we love are more than just games. This panel was recorded at PAX South 2016.

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  1. So has Dan applied for a job with them? 🙂

    It is Dan who uses Roleplayin in his work already is it not?

  2. That was a really nifty talk about Therapy and D&D. That poor ,poor soup kitchen server.
    I have met Save Against Fear people they are based out of Harrisburg, PA and I was impressed that there was a group that was using RPGs for therapy. I think it goes hand in hand.

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