Trench warfare in World War 1 was horrific. Millions died from disease, chemical weapons, barbed wire, machine guns and other forms of industrialized death. However, the British tunnelers dug massive underground systems to support the soldiers and to undermine German trenches. In this scenario, a few men from the 117th tunneling company found themselves tunneling to something far more dangerous than the Germans.

Content warning: descriptions of racist terms

This is a playtest for an upcoming book by Pagan Publishing and was run at Gencon 2008.
Keeper: Adam Scott Glancy
Players: Greg Stolze
Ross Payton
Tom Church
Allan Goddall
Kevin Pezzano

Galactus has challenged the people of Earth to a tournament of dodgeball. Only an unlikely team of misfits stands in the way of Earth’s total destruction. Sound like the new Bruckheimer movie? Naw. It’s our Actual Play one shot using the free action RPG Wushu.

The Player:
Tom: A sapient raptor/actor tired of being stereotyped as a vicious man eating dinosaur
Drew: Henry from the TV Show Eureka, a NASA engineer turned auto mechanic.
Linton: The fat guy from Hot Fuzz and he’s a cylon.
Jason: Ahnuld the Governator
Cody: Former President Martin Van Buren – with electricity, liquid and portal powers.

No, I’m not kidding. That’s what they played.

In a world..Our world…Everything is true. Every story you’ve read, every movie you’ve seen, every game you’ve played actually happened. At least those that take place in the here and now. This is the first session of a GURPS 4th edition campaign premised on taking the Alan Moore comic The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and making the concept contemporary. Anything that takes place in the ‘here and now’ is true. James Bond, Half-Life, Ghostbusters, Hannibal Lector, the X-Files, annoying sitcoms and Freddy Krueger all co-exist in the same world. In this first adventure, the PCs must break into the HQ of Ghostbusters Inc. to retrieve the data of Project Miskatonic before it is too late…

Jason – Dean Winchester from the TV Show Supernatural
Tom – Basically a pre-med student version of the Lizard
Bob – A Highlander French aristocrat
Drew – Kabuki the ninja assassin babe
RJ – Firestarter age 25
Aaron – An employee of Ghostbusters Inc.