Another Flame War on the Internet

Perhaps the oldest form of communication on the Internet, flame wars are an integral part of the great conversation. We’ve reenacted a particularly common flame war archetype, gamers bitching about what era of Call of Cthulhu is best and furries.

Performed by the RPPR staff

New Feature: mp3 player and tagging

We here at RPPR are always bringing you, the valued listener, the bleeding edge in Web 2.0 Blogosphere RSS XML paradigm shifting technology. In plain english, if you see a blue play icon next to any text on RPPR, you can play directly from our website, instead of downloading it first. Just click the icon to start playing. You can also tag it with, if you’re into that sort of thing. Enjoy.

Thanks to Taragana for the WordPress plugin.

Everybody Loves Beholder!

It’s the hottest new sitcom to hit the airwaves! Beholder, a horrible monster from the underdark, has moved to the big city. What kind of whacky misadventures can this lovable scamp get into?

Written & Mixed by Chris Farmer
Performed by the RPPR regulars

Some sound effects from Freesound.