RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 6

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The Water Barons (I.E. our intrepid heroes) face many new threats and dangers this session. The thieves guild has its own designs on the New World. A rival adventuring company becomes popular in the colony. The grippli must gain legal protection so they won’t be enslaved by the slave trader Axgore. Find out how Tom, Cody and Jason deal with these threats and more!

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  1. We Canadians do not condone firearm anal assault! … Well maybe some of the french people might.

  2. Well I feel silly. My above comment was directed at the wrong page. That’s what I get for having the last five RPPR posts open in adjacent tabs. 😛

  3. I think Ross has an uncanny ability to roleplay snooty, pretentious characters! That being said, does anybody really care about alignment, I mean, isn’t the mass murder of goblins still considered murder (even if they’re evil) and yet, if you waste some servant bitch that’s somehow more horrible than goblin genocide?!? What the fuck guys, that’s what the call Fuzzy Logic…

  4. Author

    Well to be fair, the goblins were being real dicks. Also, they were threatening the grippli and we all know how the players feel about that.

  5. It’s called: Player logic.

    And for the record, I don’t condone any sort of anal assault or activities.

  6. The difference between goblin genocide and killing a servant girl is that goblins were going to destroy the colony, so we had to protect the colony. By the logic of “all killing is inherently evil” then we could never defend anything unless we are talking about a superhero method of things were no one dies because all life is precious.

  7. Guys, all you have to do is reference any given episode of G.I. Joe. They would blast the hell out of each other, but nobody would ever actually hit or kill anybody else!!!
    I’m kidding. I love a good bout of goblin genocide as much as any other player! And, for the record, when I think of the Grippli, all I can imagine is a plate of giant FROGS LEGS mmmmmmmm!

  8. I love the set up discussions when the players entertain themselves.

    However, as a rule lawyer I find myself pulling my hair out when somebody screws up the rules. Cody gets spell ranges wrong, Tom won’t use his fucking powers, it drives me crazy.

    That aside, love the session.

  9. And so, the legend of TUMMYSTICKS, spread throughout the land… And the people longed for a champion, but no champion appeared until, one day, two men appeared, one of them dressed in hot pants, a tie-dye tank top and rollerskates and the other, in a TECHNICOLOR dreamcoat… Thanks Cody, your explanation of TummySticks has provided me with many a gross-out laugh when I explain the game to my friends!

  10. I totally forgot that I explained tummy sticks. That’s terrible.

    I think I’ve become much more reserved in recent games. Last game, I hardly said one bad thing.

  11. Hurry up and PAY THE RANSOM!
    I want my excellent New World content, and i hope there are notes in the margin from Tom.

  12. I don’t know Cody, “tummysticks” got me several looks of disgust and the comment “DUUUDE! YOU’RE GAY!”

  13. The gay thing about tummy sticks is the person who actually spooges first. It is a game played by heterosexual males in good fun. It is similar in theme or scope to when guys snap towels at each other in a locker room. Nothing more. Like I said though, the person who spooges first is the only thing that is gay about tummy sticks. That guy is totally gay.

  14. God, remember when we only talked about nice, innocent things like “cumshitters” and “frog snatch”?
    What happened to those simpler times?

  15. Zardoz! I still need to see that movie all the way through. Sean Connery + sci-fi = really bad.

  16. Was Sean Connery in the second highlander film… I think it was called Highlander: The Quickening and it had nothing to do with the first one and it had Michael Ironside as the “boss” villan… God, that was awful. I wonder if the planet Ziest has mild summers?

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