The Eye of Argon Webcomic Project

The Eye of Argon is a classic of fantasy literature and it deserves to be immortalized in a graphic novel format. To that end, I am recruiting writers and artists to help transform the story into a comic. You can check out the details at this blog. If you can write or draw a comic, we would appreciate your help!

Episode #1: Gencon wrapup

RPPR Episode 01

Written and voiced by Ross Payton and Tom Church

Our first episode of second edition RPPRm with a wrapup of Gencon and two new segments for the show: Letters from Tom and Gaming Stories. At Gencon, we played in a Call of Cthulhu game run by Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing, saw the sights, attended some great workshops like How to Write Adventures that Don’t Suck and loaded up on great new games.In the second segment, Tom writes to a very special friend by the name of Cthulhu which connects to our final segment, gaming stories. Find out how bad things can get in a Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign when a player character decides to murder a cultist in downtown London during the middle of the day.

Announcing Role Playing Public Radio: second edition

RPPR is proud to announce a second edition of our podcast. Our new format will feature the same gaming comedy you’ve come to expect from us but it will also include gaming news, advice, stories, and reviews. If you have any gaming related questions or need some advice, feel free to ask us and we will answer you in our first episode. Email contact AT slangdesign dot com or post it in the comments here.

RPPR will be attending Gencon and we will put our first episode up after we back, with news from the industry, reviews, and the same brand of humor you’ve come to expect from us.