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Patreon for Creators at Gen Con 2016

patreonPatreon is a popular crowdfunding website that allows creators to earn money from their supporters and fans on a regular cycle. This gives creators new opportunities and new challenges. Ross Payton from Role Playing Public Radio, Faust Kells from The Third Wheel, and Matt Campen from the Drunk and Ugly podcast all have experience using Patreon discuss it at Gen Con. Be sure to check out our websites to learn more: Role Playing Public Radio, The Third Wheel  and the Drunk and Ugly.

RPPR Episode 70: There are Monsters in the School Tom

Get Zombies in Afghanistan now! News: I’ve released a new ebook, Zombies in Afghanistan. Find out what happens when the Taliban meets the undead!

As an RPPR experiment, the fine folks at Subscriptorium have created a transcript of this episode. If you like having a transcript of RPPR, please let us know!

RPPR is now listed on Stitcher, the mobile podcasting app for Android and iOS. If you don’t like iTunes, give Stitcher a look. It’s free.

Original RPPR video content is on the way, with a special 3d intro made by Tobyn Manthorpe of Cedar Hills Games. We’ll post an update when our first video is up.

Don’t forget to check out the RPPR Minecraft Server. There’s also a new episode of Unspeakable, the Call of Cthulhu podcast that I made with Scott Glancy, Shane Ivey and Greg Stolze.

Synopsis: Monsters and Other Childish Things is a game near and dear to my heart. It was my introduction to the One Roll Engine and the source game for my first two books, Curriculum of Conspiracy and Road Trip. So in this episode, Tom and I discuss playing the game. It’s a great system but it has several quirks that take some getting used to such as role playing two characters at once. After we discuss playing, I go into a Skype roundtable with Matt Campen and Nathan Knapp from the Drunk and the Ugly podcast over running Monsters and Other Childish Things.  Plus a letter from Tom, shout outs and an anecdote!

Shout Outs

Song: Invisible Monsters by Dead Poets Society