Ab3 rant #18: The D&D Session That Mostly Wasn’t

“Why ever be out of character? It’s so much nicer in there. Player characters don’t have problems with girlfriends and jobs and a rash that just won’t go away.”

Sometimes getting everyone in the same room at the same time to play D&D isn’t enough. Ab3 discovers that reality often eclipses the mightiest of in game dilemmas. Who would have imagined that a roomful of geeks crowded together wouldn’t all get along? Find out the secret of the nacho cheese in The D&D Session that Mostly Wasn’t. Written by AlBruno the 3rd

Performed by RPPR
Edited by Chris Farmer

Ab3 – Chris Farmer
Weasly Crusher – Ross Payton
Blobert Smith – Ross Payton
El Disgusto – Tom Church
Deviant Boy – Patrick Seth Williams
Old Yellowbelly – David Norman
Collateral Darren – Jason Ariciu
Police Officer #1 – Karee Kimple
Police Officer #2 – David Norman


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  1. Ok,

    The stuff on this site is so funny, my co-workers are wondering why I’m in my cube laughing my ass off.

    My particluar favoirte in this one is Ross Paton’s characterization of Blobert Smith. Classic!

    Keep up the excellent work!!!!!

  2. Author

    Glad you liked both pieces. Be sure to look through our archives, as we’ve done another AB3 story as well. We’re working on an original story now, showing what Law and Order is like in a fantasy world.

  3. Ooops I mispelled your name. Sorry about that. I’ve now listened to everything on your site. I’m going to pass this link around. Great stuff. I look forward to your new stuff!

  4. Did you notice you have the line : “Gaz station?” misplaced in there and said too early?

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