Actual Play: Delta Green Eyes Only – A Night on Owlshead Mountain

Keeper: Ross Payton
Players: Tom Church, Jon and Katie Carter, Matt Howell, Meriam, and Paul

You are cordially invited to a night at the opera.

“A Night on Owlshead Mountain is a Delta Green adventure that pits investigators against the deadly, lingering aftereffects of Mi-Go activity in rural Vermont.

The long awaited Delta Green supplement, Eyes Only is finally out. The RPPR crew tries out one of the scenarios as a one shot session.

Be seeing you.

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  1. teehee guess I should start commenting HERE and on myspace.

    At any rate the game sounded like a lot of fun especially when you get into the meeting with the Native American guy, and all the stuff that transpires after that.

    The mod seems to kind of drag a little bit before that though, so it was kinda hard to pay attention, up until the action started happening.

  2. Author

    Yeah. the opening investigations of most call of cthulhu scenarios are usually pretty mundane. Lots of spot and library use checks punctuated by sanity loss. But I think the payoff is worth it for the finale.

  3. Hey, I’m just catching up on the old episodes and felt moved to comment on this. The game sounded great, I really liked it. I have been pretty much strictly D&D in the past but this inspired me to broaden my hoizons.

    The one thing I really wanted to comment on, though, was one little throw away moment in the game which I actually thought was a great little nugget. There was one point (I think it was during the interview of the drug store owner) where you noticed (and commented on) the fact that all of the players were starting to read the handouts rather than listen to the narative and so you kind of quickened up the pace of the interview to get everyone engaged again. That was very insightful and something I will definitely take away for future referrence as a GM. Very nice bit of GM-ing as well as a nice bit of podcasting having the presence of mind toi actually note (for the record, as it were) what was going on and what you were dong in response.

  4. Author

    Yeah, since I started recording games, I write scenarios with both the players and audience in mind. If only my group was able to meet more often.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. This session actually gave me weird dreams.

    Good job! I especially liked the deer smacking against the cabin

  6. Love it, getting into the podcasts very late, but am thoroughly enjoying it!

    One comment on this podcast is that I very nearly burst a blood vessel as the grammar nazi part of me winced every time I heard the word ‘like’ thrown about in a sentence.


    Otherwise, thumbs-up.

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