RPPR Episode 29: Time of Judgment

The time of judgment is upon us. Tom and I judge a few games, a D&D mockumentary and several bad GM habits. The Assemblage of the Crystal Sphere is a indie comedy about a RPG group about to complete a 5 year campaign. Tom looks at Cthulhutech, a game of animu giant robots fighting monsters from the cthulhu mythos in the future! I talk about Paranoia XP, the newest version of the classic sci fi comedy RPG, where happiness is mandatory and commie mutant traitors lurk around every corner. We then judge a few bad GM habits, namely wasting the players’ time and hyper-adversarial GMing. Of course, there’s a new (horribly offensive) letter from Tom and a listener anecdote.

The New World Campaign Primer Ransom: For fans of the New World 4E D&D campaign, I’m starting up a ransom for the New World Campaign Primer. If the ransom is met, I will write it up and release it as a freely available PDF. Check out the page for more info on what will be contained in the Primer.

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Shout outs:

  • Mount and Blade: A badass indie computer RPG. Archers. Mercenary swordsmen and calvary. Pillage the village and besiege the castles. That’s how you roll in Mount and Blade.
  • Silent Hunter 4: A submarine simulator that involves trigonometry. That’s a sure sign of FUN!
  • Red Rock West: A western noir movie with Dennis Hopper as a hitman with low self esteem and Nicholas Cage as a drifter looking for work. But don’t worry, Cage actually acts well! Worth a watch.

Also I have judged the old forums to be inadequate so I have created new forums. Check out these threads:

Music: The Judgment by David Cyr.

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  1. Just wanted to mention, and Tom has probably already looked this up, but in case he didn’t: The book he is talking about appears to be Vade Mecum(Indeed a Latin Phrase) which basically means to go with me, apparently referring to the Cthulhutech main book.

  2. I wasn’t all that interested in Cthulhutech until I heard Tom say “Guyver”. I will now buy the book.

  3. Mt favourite person on any podcast I listen to is Tom.

    In a crazy world of shades of grey, subjective points of view and fear of what the future holds before and after our inevitable ends I have found a single undeniable truth. A truth that cannot be destroyed by the devil’s whore, reason. By faith and belief. By lies, damn lies and statistics. I have found something immovable, solid and for eternity.

    The truth is this. Tom is absolutely, always wrong.

  4. Oh, and funny.

  5. Author

    Heh. I take it you disagree with him about Cthulhutech?

  6. Great Podcast guys, one of my friends has Cthulutech and after hearing about it, i wouldn’t mind playing a one shot or a short campaign. Paranoia XP rocks. Always question the computer. see how that goes. Hahahahaha (evil laughter intended)

  7. By the way, the guys in the house in my anecdote were NPCs that the players were sent to rescue in the first place. It’s like playing the “Escape from Innsmouth” scenario and go “Man, these inhabitants are way too creepy, fuck this Brian Burnham guy, he might as well be death for all we care.”

    And I love you too, guys.

  8. All things.

    I believe he came from a parallel universe that mirrors our own. In that universe he is always right.

    A terrible, terrible, bad universe. A bit like hell but with more psychologically disturbed smurfs.

  9. The Cthulhutech setting i think is very interesting, I don’t think that puritans can have any logic gripes against it. (thought they migt have setting mood problems with it as it completly changes the feel of the world even without the higher science.)
    Its not so much that we can defeat the mythos perse more that we can stand on more equal footing with some of the “higher” races such as the mi-go Who as far as i can tell are only superior to us in the fact that they are much more knowledable than us in both normal science an “arcane” science. Like Tom said, if great Tulu were cummoned the world would be boned.
    The only complaint I might see is the previlance of mythos knowledge which makes mythos less unkown which in turn makes it less “scary”

  10. Wow. Tom, that letter was great. Horrible, but damned great.

    …You got that gun idea from a bad Hentai, didn’t you?

  11. Tom plumbs the depths of madness and poor taste so that we might know where not to tread.

  12. Yeah, Tom, that letter was pretty awful towards the end. But I give you credit for having the balls to speak of it. Who am I kidding, though? This is a podcast for nerds; People in glass houses and all that.

  13. I’m not a nerd. I’m really cool. I am just roughing it.

    Who am I kidding? I have no friends. People spit on me in the street.

  14. New listener, backtracking because you guys are amazing…
    Ross, your voice makes me happy in the girlpants, and Tom, your letter… You made my night.

  15. Author

    RPPR: making our listeners happy…in their pants.

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