RPPR Episode 30: Min-Max Pain

The worst pain you can feel when running a game comes from min/maxing players, the jerks who love nothing more to make unstoppable killing machines that defy the laws of man, god, common sense, physics and the damn game itself. So, how do you deal with these min/maxers? We provide a few ways to dish out the pain or rather ways to sensibly negotiate and make reasonable compromises with the player…in hell.Tom has a slightly less disturbing letter this time and of course the New World ransom is still underway! Please contribute. There’s only 10 days left.

The New World 4E D&D Campaign Primer Ransom

Shout outs:

  • Gun Show: A new daily comic by KC Green
  • Xombie: An animated zombie action horror DVD
  • The Objective: Horror movie about special forces in Afghanistan investigating a mysterious region. Great fodder for modern horror rpgs.
  • Bad For You: A George Carlin comedy special
  • Van Richten’s Guide to the Lich: Great Ravenloft supplement describing the lich. Useful for any edition of D&D as it is mostly flavor text.
  • Found Footage Festival: Hilarious and insane compilations of public access shows, commercials, exercise videos and more.

Favorite Forum Threads: Some highlights from the RPPR forums

Music: WW Z by CSHC

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  1. Good stuff. Love the podcast. Had many times that some player is a power player and wants the super character. Love the shout outs section too. It keeps great movies coming from blockbuster to my mailbox. Thanks guys.

  2. Makes me remember how much i hate by players who think of D&D in wow terms and must have the most optimal build or they would hate their character and call it useless.

  3. Tom. Deviant? Amoral?

    If you can ever imagine using the words “He told me he was a halfling.” as a court defence then it is time to change.

  4. I never understood the purpose of min-maxing characters unless it was for a ridiculously overpowered one-shot game anyway. In a campaign, I want a character who can do a number of things. My first 2nd Ed DnD character was a druid who had a number of “useless” skills like herbalism, tanning, and leather working. Useless that is, until he started to make armor out of the hides of whatever was killed. Who knew that displacer beast hide fetched such a high price in town…

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