RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 5

In this session, the players continue their struggles against the goblins massing in the New World. Theolonius the merchant lord tries to manipulate the players but will it pay off? How will Cody’s romantic exploits be used against him? Will the grippli be rescued? Find out in session 5!

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  1. I was really hoping to have a session with everybody around the table. Alas, shunned once more.

    I was surprised with the sweeping background of ruined futures and the will of gods; it seemed really heavy for dudes still in the Heroic Tier. It doesn’t break the mood, I just felt like everything shifted gears kind of suddenly.

    I like the way Ross plays the spirits, Water and Coyote, that air of superiority.

  2. Author

    It’s foreshadowing more than anything. I wanted to introduce the major plot of the game kinda like how the quest to destroy the one ring in LOTR was described right at the start so the players know there is something beyond the immediate chaos of what’s going on right now. They haven’t actually accomplished much at all in terms of the major quest by session 12.

  3. Cool game. The second you mentioned a doppelganger I was thinking “make him turn into the merchant prince!” Thank god you brought it up, Ross, albeit 30 minutes later 😉

  4. Tom never seems to mark or use his powers as a fighter. The warlord comments about having to use heals on himself; Could be because Tom isn’t diverting enough attacks to himself. Is that just because it’s episode 5 and everyone is still learning the game?

  5. It is indeed because we were still learning the game. In later sessions, we only rarely used regular attacks.

  6. I was a bit lost on how healing surgest were being handled.. I know a couple times I think it was Cody that said he’d spend a healing surge and I was lost on how he was spending it. Was there a house rule or something I missed?

  7. I didn’t notice anything weird re healing surges.

    Tom, please stop using that term ever again. If you have to, use the word “queef”. It’s shorter and more to the point.

  8. Which word?

  9. I was misusing healing surges because I didn’t realize that I could only use one as a second wind in battle. In later sessions, it is cleared up on that issue.

    Also, Ross was very flexible on the healing surge rule because we only have three players at any given time, so we need all the help we can get.

  10. Parintachin,

    Maze wants Tom to stop saying “pussy farts” and substitute the phrase for “queefs.” This, however, is a poor substitue for the term “pussy farts.” Nothing is quote as descriptive as the term.

    I will also add that I was staying with my in-laws recently and I had some time on the computer, so I began to listen to this session. I clicked the play button (completely forgetting how horrible we can be) and promptly shut the whole computer down once Tom yelled “pussy farts” and it echoed throughout the house.

  11. Anyway, awesome RP session and epic fight scene!

  12. Author

    Cody, you of all people should know how NOT SAFE FOR WORK we are.

  13. I just had a thought. Cody might need to take care for he may be commiting heresy against his patron deity. The Raven queen is amongst the gods who only acknowledge the three possibilities where the Gripoli become extinct. By undertaking the quest, he may be granting the Gripoli life beyond their alotted time. Cheating Lachesis into giving more thread as it were. Just a thought. Hope I didn’t say too much.

  14. I know. I felt like such a dumbass. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  15. Cody’s speech to the goblin masses was inspirational!

  16. That speech is the SAME speech I’m going to give at our next all-hands company meeting!

  17. I could never use “queef”.

    Firstly, that is a stupid, cutesy word.

    Secondly, “pussy farts” is from the immortal George Carlin. I honor him when I say it.

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