RPPR Actual Play: Call of Cthulhu – Wrath of Cthulhu Game 73

For the last year, I have been writing and running a massive Call of Cthulhu campaign. I have not breathed a word about it so I could unleash it to the world in one massive release. However, everything fell apart in the last session. I will post this as a warning to never give the players what they want. I deleted all of my notes and game recordings in a fit of rage so don’t bother asking about them either.

P.S. Check out the New World Campaign Primer Ransom if you haven’t already.

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  2. can’t Say I did not suspect anything but great skit none the less.

  3. Author

    barc: did you not see the serious business tag it is all serious business up in here

  4. WTF! These players are f@cking rude… I think his name is Tom? Is that the guy spouting off all of the rude comments?

    How the hell can you enjoy a game with negative shit like that.

    I also listened to the Episode 29 pod cast with Tom… he’s a D!CK there too

    The guys in the Tides of doom cast seem like a good group though. F@ck Tom

  5. F You Ross and your misapplied ‘forensics’.

  6. Needs moar desu.


  7. Did someone call me?

  8. Tom here.

    You can go ahead and say fuck on the forums. We’re all adults here.

  9. Well Ross, I don’t know if I’m as seasoned a GM as you, but here’s how I would have handled it:

    Tom rolls to summon Azathoth. Gets a 02!

    “Okay, you summon Azathoth! In fact, so precisely that he arrives in the exact spot in which you are standing. However, through some cosmic fluke – perhaps the stars were in the exact proper alignment, perhaps Azathoth merely whimmed it so – it appears only long enough to take you into itself and implode almost instantly. Of course everyone present, even npc bystanders suffer the maximum lesser sanity loss possible and go temporarily insane from the encounter.”

    Just consider it an example of what my mama taught me: how to cut with a velvet covered knife. It may seem unfair and senseless . . . well, welcome to the mindset of an outer god. Arbitrary, ambivalent, reasonless, chaotic, senselessly callous, mindlessly cruel and illogically unfair. The perfect GM’s fiat. It happened . . . because it did.

  10. FUCK

  11. I was pretty worried about the computer. FUCK the people!

  12. OMG. What the hell is that? That’s sad.

  13. The oly nitpick I have is that Velociraptors were actually Cretacious dinosaurs, not Jurassic ones.

  14. Nice job Tom.
    Some real grade A role playing. You gave a great example for us all to follow. Thumbs up.

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