RPPR Episode 66: Building Better Worlds

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Zombies of the World Episode 4 is online. Watch it here.

Synopsis: World building is an important skill for GMs but it’s a tricky skill to learn. It’s easy to get lost in the details, obsessing over minor elements that will never see the light of day. Tom and I discuss how we approach world building and the pitfalls we’ve learned to avoid. Tom also has a short story that will be used in the Killsplosion RPG called Clucking Hell. You can read the story on Kickstarter as well.

Shout out:

Killing Floor: It has a chicken suit skin for players. YES.
The Stuff: In 1980s horror film, yogurt eats you!
Danger 5: New and insane web series from the people that did Italian Spiderman
Black Roses Rock music causes demonic possession apparently.
Metachaos: 1/1d6 SAN loss experimental short film.
Carnosaur: A cheap cash-in dinosaur horror movie with a weird subtext.
McMafia: A great breakdown of current global crime syndicates.

Music: Blood Brothers: First Blood by Mad Decent

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  1. I’m totally using that chicken suit bit in my next comedy game

  2. I wholeheartedly approve of a GaGa adventure in Eclipse Phase. With all of the setting conceits intact, of course, for maximum hilarity when group concept meets setting.

  3. I have one thing to say.


  4. Yeah, as long as Major Lazer is from Post-Fall-Neo-Jamaica Colony then I’ll be okay. Is the nauseator then a spray weapon? I support more Tom run games in general, so this of course has my support.

    In regards to the episode, I enjoyed the treatment of the topic, even if it was kind of vague however, you guys have covered similar-ish things before so I don’t feel like I’m lacking in any lessons.

  5. Yes. The RPPR minions demand another Gaga game.

    And human flesh.

    We demand Gaga, human flesh and the announcer voice.

  6. Gentlemen, I congratulate you on a great and useful episode.

    And I have to say, there has to be GaGa 4.X.

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