RPPR Episode 74: Kickstart my Heart

Yup. This exists. You can't unsee it now.News: Caleb’s added a stretch goal for his No Security Kickstarter. Check it out.

We’ve also added a few guest games on RPPR Actual Play. What do you think of them?

Synopsis: Kickstarter, the new crowdfunding platform and social network, has taken the gaming world by storm. Both video and tabletop game developers have used Kickstarter to fund games like a sequel to the classic CRPG Wasteland to a tabletop RPG based on Meso-American mythology. Also, Dolphin based RPGs. Of course, this has led to criticism of the site, as some believe that it’s only a fad or that backers or project creators are being ripped off by Kickstarter. So in this episode, we talk about our views on this recent wave of crowdfunding games. No letter from Tom but we do have anecdotes and shout outs.

Shout outs

  • Kick Saver: Site that shows you Kickstarters about to end that only need a little more money to succeed. Save that Kickstarter!
  • RPG Kickstarters: A Tumblr that lists new tabletop RPG Kickstarters
  • Shit Starter: The worst Kickstarters, for your entertainment and D:
  • Kicktraq: New stat tracking tool for Kickstarter
  • City of Clocks: A Fantasy systemless setting from RPPR friend James Knevitt.
  • The Silent City: A new zombie web series that will premiere on July 1. Made possible by Kickstarter
  • CLANG: Real swordfighting? In my computer game? It’s more likely than you think.

Music: three guesses man.

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  1. I guess most of RPPR audience would say “yes, we like guest games!” just because it is one/two, etc. more audios to listen to. I personally visit RPPR site to “meet” with precious people like Caleb, Tom, Ross, Cody… So, I’d say “no, I don’t like guest games.” Sorry, but I’m in for the RPPR crew’s plays. Keep safe! 🙂

  2. Great episode. I have a few friends who have mentioned trying kickstarter for projects so I’m going to send this along to them. Hopefully make some new neophites to worship at Ross’s throne in the process.

  3. Gotta agree with BestFanForever. It’s nothing personal against SageNytell, I listened to both APs as well as several more of his APs posted on the community podcast feed and I’ve really enjoyed them. But I really enjoy the games from the RPPR crew, and I don’t want other guest games to interfere with the regular posting cycle, sorry. :-/

  4. Please tell me you are recording the star wars games… please.

  5. Guest games are fine though maybe a more obvious link to the community AP site might also work.

  6. I could see a middle ground with games like Sage’s, the first one is posted and have links to the community site for the rest. Personally I was not a fan for the system previewed but it was a good tutorial and a good cast. It definetly fits with past rppr episodes educating people about gaming systems like the MaoTC ones.

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