RPPR Episode 85: We Three Games

News: Check out Caleb and I shooting up (space) zombies in Dead Space 3! Be sure to subscribe to Raillery’s Youtube channel for all the latest from us. Base Raiders is progressing nicely but it was slowed down a bit so I could contribute to Eclipse Phase’s newest book – Transhuman. There’s an open playtest for some of the material right now – read it and give them your feedback. And of course, the Know Evil Fan Creation Contest is still ongoing!

Synopsis: Tom, special guest Caleb, and I each came up with 3 ideas for standalone RPGs and pitch them to each other. From mythos warlords and gods the weird west and beyond, we talk about games about making movies, fighting magic with technology, and life inside video games. If you like the ideas or hate them, let us know in the comments!

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Song: Behemoth by Godspeed You Black Emperor!

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  1. I believe you do play World of Darkness sir, I have a preview AP on Ipod that has you in it. XD

  2. Caleb’s idea about the game where you play in two different time periods immediately made me think how cool that would be to play in Monte Cook’s new Numenera system. With 8 worlds gone by and the ninth peppered with the ruins and technology left from them, the possibilities are endless.

  3. I’m suprised that none of the guys thought for the obvious solution for the murderous film crew.

    The group is a Mafia family using the films production as a front, then you’ve got to have mechanics for balancing presenting the front of a legitimate film production and trying to produce a genuinely good movie, against the fact that you’re actually a group of Mafia strong men with no experience in film who’re constantly threatening people and using the film as a money laundering operation.

  4. Several of these sound like really fun games to play. I especially like Ross’s third game. I think I like Caleb’s second one but the details have suddenly left my mind.

  5. So, are you guys going to try fleshing out some of those ideas to actually run as one shots?

  6. Lies, I’ve heard Calib play World of Darkness. It was pretty good, I hope there is more of the Derek Bishop Files.

  7. Ross, your videogame-based game reminds me a lot of Kid Radd, an old sprite comic. Specifically the way different ‘classes’ are related to game entities – invincible shopkeepers, respawning minions, etc.


  8. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman released a series of books called Darksword Trilogy that went along the lines of Tom’s second game… technology is ‘evil’ and all. I believe they might have had a game system for it as well, but I can’t remember for sure… it was 20 years ago!

  9. GURPS Banestorm also has elements of the underground tech game.

  10. I love Caleb’s Western game, and I would play the shit out of it. Please, please, please pursue it, because I, too, have been disappointed with the current crop of Western games, and I’d really like to play/run a good Western.

  11. Ross, you video game idea does sound like Wreck-it Ralf, but also has ideas from the old cg show Reboot and like Guycep said Kid Radd (awesome web comic).

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