What Is Happening to Tabletop Roleplaying Games? panel at PAX East 2014

Edition Wars. Edition Wars never change. The past 20 years have been a roller-coaster ride for RPGs.  The release of Magic: The Gathering in 1993 changed the fundamental nature of the hobby gaming industry and forever altered the business of making and selling RPGs.  Explore the recent history of the category through the lens of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, and hear predictions for the future of the hobby. This panel was recorded at PAX East 2014.

Panelists: Ryan Dancey [CEO, Goblinworks], Luke Peterschmidt [CEO, Fun to 11], Derek Lloyd [Owner, Battleground Games and Hobbies], Luke Crane [Tabletop Games Specialist, Kickstarter], Matt McElroy [Marketing Director, DriveThruRPG/OneBookshelf]


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  1. good stuff to hear from the smaller rpgs

    the world’s biggest rpgs/larps are still going strong, with Christianity and Islam going neck-in-neck, followed by Hinduism

    ya just can’t keep humanity from innovating, exploring, being curious

  2. Thanks for sharing this. The list of folks on the panel don’t appear to entirely match the recording, though. 🙂

  3. It hurts listening to CCP/White Wolf/Onyx Path talking about what they think the community wants… I certainly don’t want what they think we do.

  4. Author

    @Fredhicks – I copied the text and list of panelists from the PAX East website.

  5. Shane Defreest joined us at the last minute – he was not credited in the Pax website.

  6. This panel is great. I learned things.

  7. A quibble: Vampire isn’t about playing the monster. It’s about holding the monster at bay. While the alignment systems and morality mechanics of many other games assume that the character is by default static in his moral or ethical perspective, Vampire assumes that the character will become a more and more evil and/ or selfish creature over time. It’s about holding on to the consciousness of the Man and the consequences of giving in to the urges of the Beast.

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