Interview with artist and animator Darrell Claunch

claunch-pic Last year, I briefly worked on a film called the Weight. I worked under Darrell Claunch, a local artist and graphic designer. He’s worked in video games and in Hollywood as a compositor on giant films like Iron Man. After talking to him on our trips to and from the movie set, I thought this might be an interesting podcast for RPPR, so here we are. We even talk about how the office politics of film studios could be used as fodder for RPGs. Enjoy! Be sure to check out Darrell’s blog and Twitter as well.

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  1. Very interesting and engaging interview. I’m all in favor of adding more of this type of slightly-off-topic-but-game-related content.

    Game wise, I think a reskin of The Play’s the Thing with the players as studio execs/visual designers/marketing execs/etc. might be a good way to capitalize on the conflicts that Darrell talks about here. You could even swap out a Shakespeare play for a popular modern movie.

  2. That was a really cool interview. He was a very entertaining guy to listen to. You should try pestering him to get involved with more stuff Ross. It would be a shame not to be able to hear him play a session or two. I get the feeling he would be pretty good at it.

  3. Cool interview. Good enough that i didn’t care it wasn’t directly RPG related. Do more of these if you can.

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