RPPR Episode 129: Campaign Starters and Parters

Underground-cover-drivethruNews: Base Raiders: From the Underground is now available! It collects the first nine PDF supplements into one handy supplement. Get it in print and PDF or just PDF. Red Markets is in its last week. Back it now to get a full color hardcover book AND a ton of great PDF supplements!

Synopsis: I’ve started a new Base Raiders campaign and I’m excited! The first session went pretty well, so Aaron, Bill, Caleb, and I got together to talk about getting campaigns started and what they like and what they don’t like. We hit on topics ranging from establishing the tone of the campaign, warning signs for bad campaigns, and dealing with character progression over the course of the campaign. We also have shout outs and anecdotes!

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Shout Outs

Music: Sun by Home

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  1. Yay a baseraiders campaign for the far off year 2020

  2. More Base Raiders is always welcome.

    Also, just got my copy of From the Underground, and I can verify that it was personally signed! Totes worth buying a physical copy for your shelf

  3. “They blew up his swamphouse!” and that’s the phrase that taught me the hazards of painting minis while listening to RPPR. Thank god I wasn’t listening at work like usual, cause CNC machines are maybe less forgiving to your fingers than painting eyeballs.

  4. the hideous limbs pulling survivors into the sky in Dead by Daylight are excellent

  5. I rather enjoyed the New Voltron series (as I did with the Thundercats reworking) Hadn’t seen the original(s) before though. You forgot to mention that it has Rhys Darby (of Flight of the Conchords) and Steve Yeuen doing vocal work for it. Shiro is my favourite so far.

    It was really interesting to know what to expect in part for after the Red Markets is open for business.

  6. Just want to say, go Bill! 75 lbs down is an amazing accomplishment, no joke. I can identify with the paradigm shift in losing that much weight, props man.

  7. Ross you beautiful monster, after playing so much Vaporwave, it finally stuck in and I’ve started to really like it. It was after I started reading House of Leaves too I guess, so I figure it’s all Zampanò’s fault.

  8. Author

    Interesting connection but yeah, House of Leaves can be very vaporwavey at times. Artists like Infinity Frequencies and Chinese Hackers definitely invoke that same kind of haunted vibe.

  9. Oh, yeah. Invasion USA is crazy pants. I recall watching it when I had too much free time on my hands.

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