RPPR Episode 100: Where Did the Time Go? (Part 2 of 2)

Synopsis: Our 100th episode was so long I had to break it up into two parts! In this half, I first talk to Adam Scott Glancy of Pagan Publishing for a sneak preview of the upcoming Gencon WW1 Call of Cthulhu games, among other topics. Then it’s back to the roundtable to answer more listener questions. Enjoy and thanks again for listening!

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  1. Never get rid of Adam Scott Glancy’s lectures! I have learned so much, best parts arguably (especially in games sans Caleb).

  2. Ah yes, Horrors of War. Just take my money already!

  3. Glad my question could contribute to the discussion! Congrats on the milestone, and here’s to another 100 episodes!

  4. Kingdom of Nothing is a game about Hobomancers 😉

  5. And I forgot to confirm but yes I am german. The closest way to pronounce Biest would just be saying “beast” I guess.

  6. When will another B-Sides collection be released? I have this money I want to give you…

  7. Author

    Volume 2 will come out next month or August. I will also be setting up a Patreon account with more bonus content.

  8. Charles Stross is awesome. I would PAY to hear hear you guys playing the laundry RPG.

  9. Caleb.
    It’s D. Vincent Baker ! D. Vincent !! ARRRGHHH !!! 🙂

  10. Congrats on 100.5 episodes! Let’s hope for 1000 more in the cyber-future.

  11. Congratulations again on 100 episodes.

    As for Actual Plays to listen to, after getting hooked on Dungeon World & the game engine from the AP here on RPPR, to try out is Monsterhearts. Monsterhearts is pretty much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer & other high school drama with some monsters thrown in as the player characters. So with the experience in Dungeon World, the RPPR crew might enjoy Monsterhearts over some of the other systems using that ruleset.

    After getting both MH & Tremulus (which I’m still trying to figure out though the descriptions of the professions are pretty interesting), found a huge set of AP on Monsterhearts, link to part 1 of a bundle of them. Enjoy.

    Monsterhearts – Session 1 Part 1/5?

    One AP at IPodcastMagicMissile has among the gaming podcasts is another MH playthrough but also at the bottom of the page there’s a cheat sheet for people to follow along at home or if playing MonsterHearts, all the moves on 2 pages.

  12. If it’s any consolation, I’d never heard of Vincent Baker before, D. or otherwise. But now I’ve looked him up, and I clearly ought to have heard of him!

    Irrelevant tangent: it seems like there are a heck of a lot of RPG-writing Mormons. Sandy Petersen, D. Vincent Baker, the first family I ever knew who played RPGs was Mormon, one of the members of my current Pathfinder group…

    It would be interesting to see if they actually are more into it than other religious groups, ststistically. Maybe they were far enough out of the mainstream that they never got hit with the whole devil-worship craze.

  13. Congratulations and thanks for helping me stay awake at my boring-ass job.

  14. Also forgot to mention on the previous post, I agree completely about Paranoia being a good choice for a future game on RPPR, after reading some of the fiction books & the 5th edition Paranoia game books, it’d be a great fit for future nightmares of horrible AI & player monsters with tons of fun (even if just putting the setting in BRP or Gurps or some other system outside of the Paranoia ruleset).

  15. Seems like I have been listening to the pod casts since the night of the squished cat. And this was all because of existential dread? I’m leaving! (Existential dread WINS!)

  16. Seriously? If these monsters don’t appreciate your conspiramid, Caleb, I can get a group of people ready to play online ANYTIME, I don’t care if it’s Sundays at 4 am, and I’ll PayPal you enough money for all the cheap rum you can stomach.

  17. Am I the only one that REALLY wants to hear that Fallout game Ross is threatening to run? But maybe in Apocalypse World or Savage World or something? SOUNDS SUPER FUN.

  18. Congratulations on 100 episodes. I only started listening to RPPR a couple of years ago – both the main podcast and AP – but it has been a blast. I grew up playing RPGs. Although I still actively play, I do so less than I like because of the demands of adult life. RPPR keeps me in the loop in gaming nerd world, and AP lets me enjoy the adventures and camaraderie around the table vicariously. Thanks, and congrats again!

  19. Huge congrats on one hundred episodes, lads.

    Ross – Diplomacy isn’t actually as horrible as people would like you to think. As long as everyone understands what you set out to do (much like role-playing, imo), no jimmies will be rustled for too long. Although there will be a couple of times when you look back on the game with endless vitriol and momentarily hate an opponent for not seeing your genius, or committing to an overly long war with you, causing the major underdog to sneak a win (not that I’m bitter five years on, or anything), or just planting a fine dagger in your rear. I want to play it again, so I can be the callous, scheming mother-fucker I can only be in gaming, but my friends deny me the shot at revenge. Just be ready for an intense couple of hours. It’s great.

  20. You are role players. If you can handle intra party conflict, diplomacy won’t cause problems my or you.

  21. So I’ve listened to everything you guys have put out. I listened to it in 56 hour blocks every week for months on end. Arron my name is Tim. If your gonna keep telling the story of me acosting you at least try to learn my name. 😛
    Also arron you ran the only ap I couldn’t finish. The divine fire where you kept saying mounted mp-40. It drove me insane which is my problem not yours. But keep it up guys and I’ll keep listening.

  22. ohmygod pleeease let Caleb run Unknown Armies please let him run Delta Green why do you entice me so those things would alter my life visibly for the positive the arrow would move

  23. aw, got to the end and now I feel bad about being waspish on the other post XD sorry. RPPR really is a great thing. I’m very glad it exists. a lot of times that would have been quieter, lonelier and just duller have been enlivened by you guys’ voices, for me and, I’m sure, for a lot of other people out there. maybe for you guys it sometimes just feels like hobby broadcasting, but to me, to us, it’s a worthy institution. gain two points of Corruption.

  24. Author

    Comments from listeners do help keep this site going! We gossip like old women about them between games just FYI 😀

  25. I would roll with you guys any time.

  26. Getting into Dresden after learning more about Fate & found some that might be good with learning if there’s any shortcuts to building a city (after hearing the request mentioned here) @ Knights of the Night podcast.


  27. This one seems like a warm-up to RPPR After Hours in some ways. Similar atmosphere.

    Anyways, fun insights. You briefly address the lack of editing (on the whole) in the APs and I just had a quick comment on that. At first it was distracting to me with verbal tics and “ums” … but after listening to some other site’s APs that edit more aggressively, they seemed a bit more staged,

    Leaving in the tabletalk and the digressions makes it feel like we the invisible audience are closer to the table. But it’s also a reminder that yeah, even after serious scenes run by excellent GMs, there is that element of distraction or letting off steam with jokes. I think a lot of new GMs are self-conscious about that, especially when it comes to horror.

    It’s a long way of saying that when I see people looking for APs to listen to, especially to learn how games actually go, I recommend RPPR.

    (I don’t know if I’ll ever get through the backlog of APs, but it’s fun knowing there’s so many great games to listen to while doing yardwork or exercise. So I’ll say thanks as well.)

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