RPPR Episode 135: Dresden Files Season 1 Campaign Post Mortem

dresden-picWe finished season 1 of Dan’s Dresden Files campaign so it’s time to talk about how it went. This campaign was unique because Dan managed to wrangle two separate groups of players into a single plot line that escalated as the game progressed. We talk about how that worked and what we thought about the Dresden Files RPG game mechanics. If you want to learn more about running Fate system games or the Dresden Files as a setting, check this episode out!

If you missed any of the episodes, use our campaign page to find all of Season 1’s episodes.

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  1. What episode was the fun factory story?

  2. GAH vocal parity!!! i’ll have to study this episode in deep detail to get it straightened out eventually… like an arcane secret that melts sanity, but reveals all.

  3. Wow. Tom’s first character concept. I mean, a vampire who is literally Hitler, trying to bring back Hitler? Does he realize that he wanted to play the titular character of Sylvia Plath’s poem “Daddy”?

  4. I’m behind, but I just finished up listening to Season 1 and have some general commentary:

    The good:

    1. Teenage Slenderman is possibly the most awesome concept for a character, ever. The fact that the “Teenage” aspect comes up as much as the other is even better.

    2. Tom’s Nazi reveal? Pretty awesome. The fact that the other characters repeatedly called him on it IC was even better.

    3. Everything with Coyote was awesome. Max’s best moments were all in relation to Coyote.

    4. All of the cocaine. All of it.

    5. The ley lines, the shrines, and that whole thing? I liked that a lot.

    The bad (at least, to me):

    1. The faerie sexing? Really, really rape-y. It made me uncomfortable at the time and still does, in retrospect.

    2. The final battle had a little too much by way of plot device in it. I’m not generally a fan of making the PCs secondary to NPCs or to make foes that the PCs can’t possibly touch.

    3. Elaborate torture/interrogation stuff? Never been my thing and I can’t say I enjoyed any of that part.

    4. Not being from the Missouri area, I really have no idea about the specifics of AG. Given the fact that everyone else confused the AG character for a Catholic holy knight, I don’t think half of the cast does, either. It… didn’t really translate that well.

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