RPPR Presents: The Eye of Argon

Years ago, I tried to do an audiobook of the Eye of Argon, the standard bearer of bad fantasy fiction. I never finished it but because we are celebrating our tenth year of RPPR, I asked Faust Kells from Thrilling Intent to record a proper audiobook.

Intro music is Surprising Power by Art of Escapism
Music played during the audiobook is from the album The Hermeneutic Circle by Nihilore
Audiobook recorded, edited, and produced by Faust Kells
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  1. I tried to listen to this. I really tried. But I can’t the writing is just to painfully bad. I just can’t do it.

    Good reading though.

  2. I thought it was hilarious! Great work Faust!

  3. Faust, you are a trooper! I can’t believe you made it through that. I really enjoyed it when you couldn’t keep it together. Ross you are a monster for making Faust do that.

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