RPPR Episode 147: Snippets of Adventure

News:I will be at Patrecon next weekend to learn how to improve the RPPR Patreon! It should be interesting and I will report back in the next episode. Caleb and Spencer are heading to Metatopia to playtest their new game Party Fowl. Check out photos of it on Facebook. Don’t forget about the Gobblin’ Kickstarter!

Synopsis: As you may know, Caleb and I have another podcast called the Mixed Six, along with another co-host, Spencer. He’s a huge board game player but had never played a tabletop RPG before until Caleb and I introduced him. We have been recording an ongoing series for the Mixed Six Patreon called Snippets of Adventure. We will make the first season available to Youtube and the first two episodes are already online. In this episode Caleb, Spencer, and I discuss the series and Spencer’s experiences as a new RPG player. Plus, shout outs and anecdotes, as usual!

Shout Outs

Song: The Price of Valour by Kai Engel

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  1. Hey, welcome, Spencer! If you’re looking for cool sci fi investigation stuff…maybe Snippets of Eclipse Phase next season? 🙂

    Also, can’t wait for more math-breaking Red Markets action.

  2. It’s not popping up on Itunes.

  3. iTunes has also forsaken me.

  4. I’d have to vote against that, Ethan, EP is a lot of work to get into, as great as it is. At the very least wait until v2. 😛

    Also Ruiner while a bit jank in some areas is pretty darn cool. Will vouch for it being bleak as heeeeeeeell as well.

  5. When you guys come to Metatopia would you like a sample pack of beer to take back to home if you are allowed? I don’t know if you can get some beers from NE Pa area down where you are.

  6. I’d love to hear you guys do TimeWatch. It’s a lot of fun and Spencer could continue with the anachronisms. I’ve only played it, not run it, but it seems like it wouldn’t be too bad to pick up if you’re familiar with Gumshoe.

    I think picking Old School Hack was an inspired choice, for the reasons listed. It seems to work well in practice. It’s a lot of fun to see Caleb’s improv game as compared to the more intricately plotted Eclipse Phase or Delta Green games.

    I also want to mention that the discussion of mammoths and city streets was one of my favorite bits in the whole season and felt like everything was clicking for you. “Hit me birdy” is definitely up there too. Producer Elfname is more of the straight man, but the interpretation of Taco Bell was great.

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