RPPR Episode 150: PAX South 2018 Wrap Up

Aaron, Tom, and I traveled down to Texas for PAX South 2018 and we had a blast! I finally got to play True Dungeon and we tried out multiple games that weekend like:

  • True Dungeon: An escape room with LARPing and pog collecting (kind of). It’s got it all!
  • Wild West Exodus: A new weird western themed skirmish game with great models and interesting rules
  • Tokaido: An excellent board game about traveling to Edo, in style.
  • 4 The Birds: a board game about getting your birds in a row (or square).
  • Tonight We Riot: An upcoming video game about fighting The Man.
  • Deep Sky Derelicts: A sci-fi dungeon crawling game, similar in structure to Darkest Dungeon.

We also listened to a bunch of great podcasts like:

Song: Spirits Seeking by 2mello

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  1. Author

    Ah, thanks for the clarification! I had never heard of it until last Gen Con.

  2. I saw a skirmish game called Mythos by Paranoia Minis which is Lovecraft themed. Seemed interesting.

  3. I was wincing in sympathy at Ross’ description of the “limited overwatch” in the wierd west game, I’ve seen that kind of thing before.

    There was a minis wargame I used to play which had a simple & straignforward “snap fire” rule which made charging across open ground dangerous & made players choose between closing quickly with their opponent or moving more safely around or through covering terrain. Until a new edition came out, and new players (who were used to games where such choices are meaningless) complained that the snap fire rule was “OP”, and so it was nerfed.

    I wonder if there’s a similar story behind that wierd west game’s overwatch rule.

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