RPPR Episode 154: Party Fowl

Party Fowl Board Game Kickstarter is live! In this episode, Caleb, Spencer, and I discuss the creation of Party Fowl, playtesting, duck puns, Metatopia, shipping, and other topics. We also have shout outs in the form of our favorite fictional ducks and of course some anecdotes about playtesting Party Fowl.

Song: The Duck by Beleza

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  1. Hello, all.
    Thanks for the shout out again. You are welcome with the help I have provided.

    As for your game, you said is wasn’t strategy. I disagree ,it is under strategy ,but the sub-header of Light strategy.

  2. There’s something ironic about a “communist” who keeps launching tremendously risky, bold capitalist ventures, pouring his entire life into them and defining his success as an artist by their success.

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