RPPR Live at Gen Con 2018

Role Playing Public Radio, the Ennie Award winning RPG podcast, will record a live episode of their show. We will talk about Gen Con, take questions from the audience, & more! We wound up playing a game of Maid, reviewing a board game, and answering a lot of audience questions.

Thanks to Adam from RPX for recording the questions.

(Photos from Thad’s Polaroid camera)

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  1. Slightly dissapointmented that you might not be doing long form campaigns anymore but understandable.

  2. @Adam Makey

    Any that we do that end up being longer than 3-4 episodes will go onto Tabletop Tales. And even if we are not planning many in the not-too-distant future, there’s still a few in the works 🙂

  3. It’s fine. Ross puts in work feeding the uh… feed plus the cat herding element.

  4. Since there is a talk on this one about you guys taking more note of what is written in the comments and also some discussion about what games you will be playing in the future.

    What needs to happen to get RPPR to play Paranoia ?

  5. someone would need to have it, learn it, and run it. I think the biggest problem is scheduling Aaron, Caleb, and Fae at the same time, since that’s probably the lineup that’ll give you the most bang for your Paranoia buck

  6. I agree with your lineup. Caleb playing a game where commies are traitors is just to good. Also Aaron vs friend computer is very giggle worthy.

    It’s also a game that works well with beer as you get a sixpack of clones and should be drinking a bear per clone, more or less.

    Another way to play this game is to get Caleb to run it straight as a existential horror game. But that would get rater dark rather quick.

  7. Author

    I need to get a copy of the old rules light edition of Paranoia. The newest one is too crunchy for my tastes.

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