RPPR Game Designer Workshop: Labyrinths of Lost Futures and the Modern Megadungeon – Concept

I have begun working on a new role playing game. It is called Labyrinths of Lost Futures, a modern day dungeon crawling hauntological fantasy. Delve into weird ruins with an enchanted gun and cellphone. Fight cryptids in a haunted trailer park. Escape a time loop based on a person’s childhood memories. Caleb has some questions and comments about the game. If you want to see some artwork of the game, check out the RPPR Patreon. The image in the show notes is by Patsy McDowell and is one of the levels of the modern mega dungeon I am working on.

The Night Clerk is on sale at DrivethruRPG! If you missed the crowdfunding campaign, you can get the PDF now. I’m working on a way to sell print copies.

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Hebanon Games Open Design has a Red Markets 2E playtest campaign in progress.

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