strike-rpgStrike! is a new RPG Kickstarter that simplifies tactical combat from 4E Dungeons and Dragons with new game mechanics and genre mixing. Tom interviewed the game’s designer, Jim McGarva, to explain what Strike! is all about and what people will get from Kickstarting it. This is a shorter interview, but if you’ve been curious about Strike! check this interview out.

Drunk Quest!Caleb interviewed quite a few game designers at Gencon this year, to talk about their new creations. Because each interview was short, I made a compilation of the first four interviews. They are in order:

Night's Black AgentsWe had a blast at Gencon 2012 and we have a ton of new material for you, starting with this interview with Kenneth Hite about his new game, Night’s Black Agents. It’s a horror/spy thriller game that Mr. Hite designed more or less to give players an excuse to slay the undead while being total badass secret agents. It’s based on the GUMSHOE game engine but has new rules appropriate for the spy thriller genre.

It’s out now, so if you think you might want to try the game out, check it out here.