RPPR Episode 68: Phases that are Eclipsed

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Synopsis: This episode will begin a new series of episodes, each focusing on a particular game system. This time, we talk about the transhuman sci-fi game, Eclipse Phase. Caleb joins Tom and I to discuss our reactions to reading, playing and running the game. The game can be intimidating at first, especially with the exotic technology and setting. Even once you get used to the game, there are more subtle pitfalls that can unbalance a game.Plus Tom has a letter, shout outs from all three of us and an Eclipse Phase anecdote about robbing a bank ON THE MOON

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Shout outs

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  1. Just an update/nitpick the 0.93 version of The Excel Character Sheet is up to date with all of the material from Panopticon.

  2. Really? I totally need to download that! Thanks Will!

  3. Ahh, thanks for this episode. Especially Tom’s letter. 🙂 And I never believed the allegations of cheating, and remember well the “Bless me game master for I have sinned,” back in Episode 21.

    That spreadsheet saves lives though! Can’t wait for the video review of Training Days.

    And system specific episodes sounds good in theory.

  4. Love the system episodes.

    Tom’s letter is a masterpiece. Clearly dragons would have prevented the financial crisis.

    Once again we see Caleb is the cerebral GM while Ross remains the GM who feeds on the broke hopes and tears of his players.

  5. Hey, thanks for the plug, Ross! It was a lot of fun to play along in the ransom. I’ll try to have the Sunny Vale game up sometime by the end of the month if at all possible, but the recording quality kinda needs some fixing (where some==a lot)

  6. I wish everyone’d use Audible. a world listening to audiobooks in their spare time and on their drive to work is a better world. I managed to get three minutes into this cast before needing to comment: omg, Charles Stross is way okay as far as the Laundry Files goes, but have you guys read (/listened to) any of his transhumanity lit? check out Halting State and Rule 34 (for “how the 21st century might look”), Accelerando (for “how the Singularity might look if it’s not evil”), Singularity Sky + Iron Sunrise (for “how the Singularity might look if it’s a little evil”) and Saturn’s Children (for “I inspired Eclipse Phase, seriously, read me, I’m amazing”)

  7. Oh, the Excel Sheet is amazing. The moment you mentioned that a few episodes back, I went off to try and find it. I just got it and it was brilliant.

    Tom’s letter was brilliant. It actually might be cool to add into an actual D&D game.

    To jump back to Eclipse Phase though, the thing about religion actually brings up some interesting roleplaying in a transhuman society. In a game I ran, I had an uplifted bird who was extremely religious… For ancient Egyptian gods, back where they had Ra and Horus…

  8. I really appreciate the discussion you guys have had on Eclipse Phase in this episode. I love the storyline for EP, but the rules are pretty overwhelming. The only thing I ran that was probably comparable in complexity is Shadowrun, which took me way too long to master (and I still house rule a lot as it is). EP and SR seem to be pretty similar with some of their rules, which is not surprising considering one of the creators of EP helped develop SR, right? Anyway, I have had a copy of the system since 2010 and have also been too intimidated (or maybe too lazy) to delve into the rules. So it was good to hear a take on the game from people who have played it!

    On a side note, my group and I started recording our own live play podcasts. If you’re ever interested in listening to that, search: This Quest Sucks! Gaming Podcast on iTunes.


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