RPPR Episode 79: Horror in the Here and Now

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Synopsis: It wouldn’t be October without at least one horror themed episode of RPPR. Tom and I discuss what makes a horror story set in the here and now unique (2012). Isolation is no longer geographic thanks to smartphones with GPS but it is still possible to isolate players in different ways. Furthermore, we have new trends in horror storytelling, like the emergence of the creepypasta subgenre. Marble Hornets and the SCP Wiki are great material for your next horror game. Of course the real horror comes from real life. Aside from isolation, we have a growing panopticon, the ongoing global economic crisis, the rise of fascism, and online stalking/bullying. This makes the year of the Mayan Apocalypse a great place for a horror story. Plus Tom reads a letter and we have shout outs an anecdote.

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Shout outs:

Song: Crush from the Hotline Miami Soundtrack.

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  1. Just thought I’d drop in to say that I really enjoy the show, and look forward to every update.

    In response to the comment about the whole world becoming essentially one big city, I have to assume you folks are either living, or around a major city. I live in a rather rural area, and have done a fair share of traveling both home and abroad and can assure you: There’s far more open, wild space than there are urban or even settled areas.

  2. Hey guys, where would you classify the book “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman? Horror or suspense?

    “It’s nothing to worry about”

  3. You mentioned me Ross in the MA podcast. I’m honored!

  4. I know I’m a bit biased, but I thought this episode was especially thought provoking. Good job guys!

  5. You guys give me all kinds of horror story fodder, I enjoy these kinds of episodes. 😀

    Also, there’s an indirect shout-out to Hotline Miami. Awesome!

  6. nice riff on The King in Yellow there…do you know who wrote it?

  7. oh, and I just saw a movie that struck me as horror but wasn’t marketed as such — Harry Brown.

    a good movie to show how horror doesn’t have to be supernatural beasties or situations…

    or the movie The Last King of Scotland…

  8. Author

    Unwind definitely sounds like sci-fi dystopian horror to me but I haven’t read it so I can’t really say.

  9. So, Ross, you’re a zombie guy/expert what do you think of “Crossed”?

  10. Author

    Garth Ennis read “The Road” and then shat out a comic book.

  11. Garth Ennis read “The Road” and didn’t commit suicide? Lucky san rolls…

  12. Like a basilisk hack, Ennis paid it forward. With a bad concept of sadness replaced with random horror. I dd wonder if I was missing something as people tell me that “The Boys” is more than what I suspect it is.

  13. Garth Ennis is the physical embodiment of “The Road”.

  14. i just read issue 6 of “Crossed” — nice art and interesting themes — anxious americans in a world falling apart trying to survive. and much better than that nihilistic paen The Road — in this issue of Crossed there is actual humanity and meaning…and it’s a creator owned work and i hear there is a feature film (by Ennis) coming out, so, good for him :3

  15. Author

    well, the original crossed series is okay – some good ideas and scenes, but after Ennis left it became a rather boring torture porn comic.

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