RPPR Episode 05: Loot

By Ross Payton and Tom Church

Synopsis: Since the holidays are around the corner, we turn our attention to that most treasured aspect of gaming: loot. Whether it’s a shiny +5 vorpal longsword or a slightly used bionic arm, every player looks forward to getting more loot. But is that the point of gaming? After all, MMORPGs thrive on the grind of leveling up to get better loot, so should pen and paper games focus on the same? We discuss it, offer some advice and feature our regular shout outs, gaming anecdotes and a letter from Tom.

Shout outs: Urban Dead is a great zombie themed MMORPG you can play from any web browser. Also, Blood Dimmed Tides is a useful supplement for the old World of Darkness.

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  1. Thanks, guys. I was driving home from the store after having learned my poor, burned-out computer was dead, having a crappy day, when you gave a shout-out to Blood-Dimmed Tides. I was one of the writers on it (I handled the setting, the Changelings, and most of the wierd deep-ones-styled stuff, like the Chulorviah.) It was in interesting assignment that took me all the way to the Library of Congress and the Baltimore Aquarium, which in retrospect was probably overkill, but some of the other writers and I had some very ambitious ideas before Kindred of the East kinda marginalized the project. Anyway, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. I still have my old promo copy on the shelf. Thanks again!

  2. Hey guys, great episode! Extra kudos for pronouncing my name perfectly! I’ll have to send more anecdotes.

  3. I almost forgot this:

    Tom mentions at one point during the discussion of my gaming anecdote

    “I would hope there were some Polar Bears you could get for experience point…”

    To this I’ll say (in the voice of the Blood Shadows GM) “There are no polar bears in the Antarctic, don’t you know anything?” 🙂

  4. Thanks for another great episode you guys, I especially enjoy the letters from Tom and the gaming anecdotes. Thanks for the Urban dead shout out as we are playing a D20 Modern Zombie campaign right now. Two adventures and we’re still alive. For now.

  5. Absolutely about unique art objects or describe jewelry. My current inquisitor had her parents killed by a Lycanthrope, at least she thought it was one, and I gave her an obession for collecting everything silver, just in case…

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