RPPR Interview with Sean Jaffe: Blood Dimmed Tides & ZG

Sean Jaffe
Interview by Ross Payton

Synopsis: Back in Episode 4, we gave a shout out to Blood Dimmed Tides, an excellent Old World of Darkness sourcebook for the oceans. One of the book’s writers, Sean Jaffe, popped in to thank us. From there, I contacted him to find out more about the creation of the book and Sean’s other adventures in the gaming industry. This is our first Interview and my audio is too low but Sean is clearly audible. Enjoy.

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  1. Nice interview, Ross. I hope you do some more of these in the future. I love hearing stories from freelancers.

    “The enemy of my enemy may not be food.” Heheh.

  2. Vampires from the east are far more different than those at the botoom of the ocea?!?!?! That was classic!

  3. We were all pretty shocked by that one. It’s worse when you consider that the Aztec Vampires, the European Vampires, the Native American legends of Undead, hell, even Polynesian vampires were part of the existing paradigm, while the vampires of the Far East were *SPECIAL NINJA BRAND VAMPIRES.* On top of that, India was more or less completely ignored. There was a lot of passive racism there.

  4. I think I would defintely agree with him about Wraith. It was probably one of the most UNDERPLAYED and underappreciated setting for WoD. I for one though, never really found it particularly horrifying though, I tend to find it more….sad. I mean sure there are lots of horror elements and horror angles to it, but it is in essence a very sad setting. Love the idea about ghost ships….I may avtually have to find a copy of this. If for nothing else than the Changeling material….::chuckles:: Yes I know…I’m a horrible human being. 😉

    But I think wraith was one of those you love it or hate it sort of games.

    As for whole vampires under the sea vs Kindred of the East…::rolls my eyes at WW:: give me a serious break. Sounds like someone in the company had a SERIOUS ego about their pet project…..

  5. Speaking of Pentex: I had a kinfolk character I played online that worked for a pharmaceutical company that was a subsidiary of Pentex, that was working on drugs infused with Bane spirits.The drugs actually worked, but at the cost of tainting you with the wyrm. So Pentex made money on an effective drug AND caused an increase in taint. 🙂

    I agree that WoD was very dumb not to EARLY on set out rules for CROSSOVERS. I’ve palyed in lots o cross over games and you need to do alto f work to make it useable, especially things like Changeling.

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