Actual Play: GURPS Yakuza – Stray Dog

Based loosely on Kinji Fukusaku’s Battle Without Honor or Humanity film series and the Akira Kurosawa film Stray Dog, this game takes placed in Hiroshima Japan, 1946. The players are members of the Yamagata Yakuza clan, the newest and smallest family in the city, vulnerable to foreign gangs and larger Yakuza families. A confrontation with a rival gang turns deadly and an American .45 automatic is the key to a deadly mystery…

GM: Ross Payton
System: GURPS 4th edition, 50 point characters.

Players: Tom Church and Jason Ariciu

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  1. Good show. Player characters are damn psychotic. I love how they’re really worst than any enemy they met so far, including Akira.

    Tom, please stop saying “like” before what your characters said, it’s a bad habit you seem to have. But otherwise, you’re pretty good playing a psychopath… why am I not surprise at all…

    Oh, and if you’re going to go and kill just about everyone, stop going out of your way for helping young girls and orphans, seems too typical from a regular player, which you guys are not…you rock!

  2. great game! I have to agree with alex that “bad” PCs tend to be evil and psychotic than most of their enemies.

    I would like to say however that it feels a little empty with only two players, but other than that it was totally sweet

  3. Too violent for some listeners.

    It would have been good to have more detail at the beginning about character generation for those without GURPS knowledge.

    Overall a fit with the violence of some of the Japanese films I’ve seen.

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