RPPR Episode 17: Bargain Bin Bonanza

“Just being in here is a humbling experience for me, because you’re looking through all these records and it’s sort of like a big pile of broken dreams…Whether you want to admit it or not, 10 years down the line you’ll be in here. So keep that in mind when you start thinking like, ‘I’m invincible and I’m the world’s best,’ or whatever. Because that’s what all these cats thought.” DJ Shadow

In this episode, we focus on looting the pile of broken dreams that is the bargain bin of your friendly local game store. Many times you can find a hidden diamond in the rough or at least something you can exploit for a game in the system of your choice. By going over some of the bargain we’ve enjoyed like Little Fears, Waste World, Mutazoid, Teenagers from Outer Space, and Hunter the Reckoning, you can begin to see what lurks in the used game shelf. Plus, a letter from Tom and anecdotes! Oh and you must watch Common Law Wife. As always, post your comments on our forum and we appreciate donations. Also, if you are an artist, Tom wants a werewolf drawing or something like that. I think. He’ll pay like five bucks for it. Listen to the episode if you want the details. Also, this thread in the Something Awful forums is hilarious and disturbing.

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Shout Outs:

  • Wushu: A free and open RPG of fast action-Great for a one shot game when you have no time to prep.
  • Operation Darkness: A crazy alternate history WW2 RPG for the Xbox 360 where you fight Nazi vampires with Allied Werewolves. Seriously.
  • George Carlin: All My Stuff. A big ole collection of Carlin’s work. If you’re a fan, you need this box set. Well, you don’t but it is a goddamn lot of stuff.
  • The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra: If you like Mystery Science Theater 3000, cheesy movies from the 50s and 60s or B movies in general, then you must watch this movie. Tom used the Skeleton as a villain in a Mutants and Masterminds game because his players demanded it after seeing the movie.

Music: Nuclear War by Los Podankos – a Russian street punk band with no homepage and this is all I could find. Oi!

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  1. I like the Operation Darkness character herbert East… reminds me of somone….

  2. Read the thread, posted my story. (PC 1984 on the forums.)

  3. Another great podcast. I love visiting actual good role playing book stores. We used to have a bunch of good stores out here but they have been closed for years now. If anyone ever goes to Charleston SC you got to find The Green Dragon. Best shop Ive ever visited.

  4. I’m stunned. A quote from DJ Shadow. That means that a rpger, other than me, might actually like some good music instead of that rock rubbish. (No. You think it is cool, but it actually isn’t. In fact it is a bit embarrassing.)

    Sorry to upset.

  5. If you like deliberatly bad science fiction you might want to look at ‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace.’

    It’s on Youtube – you’d be lucky to find it anywhere else.

  6. Solid work as always. The George Carlin bit had me reaching for the mute button since my nibbin was in the room. “What’s ejaculate, Daddy?” Loved the DJ Shadow YouTube vid. You guys have an eye for good video – both production (GURPS char gen) and DJ Shadow. Peace.

  7. This one’s not showing up in iTunes either without resubscribing. I should just put the blog feed in my reader and download episodes directly.

  8. Author

    There was something wrong with the feed so I fixed it. Hopefully that will clear up the problems with Itunes.

  9. ::chuckles:: as I mentioned I’ll be at gencon, so if you want to get a hold of me while i’m there let me know. I on’ly have 1 thing schedualed right now.

    I warn you I’m pretty scary lookign as well.

  10. My first time listening was ep. 17 and I have to say I am impressed! I loved the Carlin section and the whole idea of revisiting forgotten RPGs. I will also be at Gen Con. If you see a little guy on a blue scooter, stop him and say hi. 🙂

  11. Revisiting a couple of the old podcasts, and woah – Aaron reference! 😀 Suitably dying in a do gooding endeavour gone wrong!

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