Interview with James D’Amato on the Noisy Person Cards Kickstarter

npcksJames D’Amato and Kat Kuhl from the One Shot Podcast developed a party card game to help gamers role play more. Noisy Person Cards can be thought of as a warm up exercise to a proper RPG. James and I talk about how NPC came to be and what he’s learned about Kickstarter so far. After the interview, there’s an actual play of the RPPR group trying the print and play version of NPC. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter, going on now!

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  1. Sold!

  2. Also sold!

  3. 3rd Sold!

    Once I heard what it was about I wanted to get it because it’s an area of RP I could do with practice in.

  4. Yeah, this isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned it as a game, but hearing you guys play toke me from “that’s cute” to “want” in the space of time it took Caleb to find his win condition

  5. God DAMN Aaron does a good Meatwad.

  6. Excellent marketing, as I am now a backer

  7. I have to agree with the others – great marketing on this. My first thought on NPC was that it sounded cute, but that I am very tired of Cards Against Humanity and found Utter Nonsense a bit hit or miss for the same reasons mentioned.

    James and Kat sound well-prepared based on the interview, then the actual play was great. Burning your chance at winning a round in order to make other people’s lives more difficult is a brilliant mechanic. So in other words, went and backed it.

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