RPPR Episode 130: Pre Gen Con 2016 Special

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Synopsis: RPPR will be at Gen Con this year in force! We have some great panels and other events lined up for you. Even if you can’t make it, we will be recording a lot of content for future episodes. Our official events are:

Be sure to sign up for the RPPR Gen Con Announcement Groupme to keep track of the latest games and events. Jeff Barber of Biohazard Games will be there running demos of Upwind. If you want to schedule a demo with him, email him now to make arrangements.

Song: Come back down by HOME

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  1. ooh Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu

    this shit all still sounds vastly too expensive and overwhelming for me, but I always enjoy the after-action stuff from you guys! good luck going among the nerds

  2. Temple of the Frog, yes no school like the old school. I have a copy of that module as well. The cover has a robed man shooting giant carnivorous frogs with a laser rifle. That’s right mix your sci-fi with my fantasy.

  3. I find it kind of strange that Aaron got pickpocketed/robbed at GenCon. This will be at least my eighth GenCon and I’ve never had that happen. Including the two years I hoboed it and slept on hotel furniture in the lobbies.

    I need to disagree with Caleb on his “don’t wander aimlessly”. Besides maybe a few things, that is literally what I’ve done every year. There is so much going on you can find something fun to do at anytime.

    Yeah, fuck those backpacks/luggage carts though.

    When I give people GenCon advice I always tell them “Never use first floor restrooms. Espeically in the dealers hall.

    I can’t wait to see you all there 🙂

  4. Especially for Caleb though goes for anyone interested in these, but finally got to play both Scythe & the new 51st State for board games & both were excessively fun & easy to learn. Some of the art in both would be great inspiration for game scenarios or GM characters. Have yet to play the Mice & Mystics bird dogfighting game but from all I’ve seen of people playing it at the board game events down here in hellish Texas, it looks well made for the minis & a solid game from the look at the gameplay.

    All sounds like a good set of plans at Gen Con for RPPR & friends so it sounds like it will be a blast. Hopefully all the people suffering from the Pokemon Go addiction will quickly kill off their phone batteries with the early catching activity & then enjoy the con (over just walking around catching pokemon like you now can all the rest of the time).

  5. Thanks for reminding me about the Battletech pods Shawn. I knew I left something off my GenCon to-do list.

  6. Aaron getting pick pocketed, you sure he didn’t just accidentally give his wallet out thinking it was a business card? Lol jk. As a partial service worker, men/woman of god 90% of the time dont tip.

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